Wednesday, February 25


Hello dear blogger. I haven't post again for so long its because i am still adjusting to our new office. Our Office just move in Makati and it is a long way drive to my home which is in Tondo Manila. Although I'm planning to move to Tagig where i used to live when i was still a teenager. We still have our old house there it just need some renovation. Bad thing is i still cant move. There are still people staying there. Plus i still don't have any money to rent a truck or a jeep to move my stuff. Its really is hard to budget my salary. Recently i been having so lots of expenses. And because of the economic crisis its really is much more harder for me to budget everything. So right now I got to just be patient and wait until i can have some extra money for the truck rent. Thing is i got to get thru all of the rush hour traffic everyday. And Its really is so traffic here in Manila. Lots of jeeps and people going to work and school everyday. I am just glad there LRT train that will take u away from the traffic. The only thing that you will got to deal is that there are so many people taking the train too so you got make your self fit to the crowed. Summer is already starting too here in the Philippines. And its Ash Wednesday today too. I just realize it when i saw lots of people have some black cross written on there forehead. So that's mean Easter is coming and it will be a long holiday again for us. It will be fun to go to the beach and just relax for a day. And spend my day with my family. Here in the Philippines we not only celebrate the Easter but we do Celebrate the whole week. Specially the Maundy Thursday,Holy Friday ,Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. Although I'm not a catholic now i still now Catholic spend those days. Some spend it for fun and other spend it to retreat and be more closer to god. I just hope there will be more people who will take there time and be close to god not only on those days of also everyday. I guess we should always have an attitude that on everything we do we always talk to god. Like a friend who you will always talk too and tell all the story and problems you have. In that way we would have any trouble making the right decision in life like we always do. Me when i am trap in a situation where i really don't know what to do. I just call him and ask for guidance. And always be open and ready to listen to what ever he will say. Even if you thing its not the good way. Just do it and you will know why God tell you to do it. We all need to listen and obey.
Well i guess i got to end this for today. I hope i can fully adjust to the new office and my new table. And get used of riding the elevator till 7th floor every working days. Have a good day everyone. God Bless and Babushka!!!!

Thursday, February 5

Hello Again !!!!

Hello again blogger I know its been so long since my last letter. Theres so many things did happend to me. I even Change my blog in so many way. I know i lost a lot of blog friends. Lets say there are things in my life that get worst that i got to fix so i didnt get time going to my blog. Right now im still working on fixing everything. Just to be honest i been depress while im away. Lots of sad things happened including my brother who did past away last year. I guess thats one of the saddest time of my life. Right now i live with my mom. And still working. Actually the work is the one who kept me busy and took a lot of time from me thats why i cant even update my blog. But im thankful of having a job specially in tough time like i am having now. I change a lot on my blog including the background and they theme too. I felt i got to go to what i am feeling now. I also change the title of my blog. I felt that if i make it much more close to my heart i can express more of myself. I really am hoping i can do post everyday. But i know for sure i cant. I can only go online when im at the office. I dont have computer connection back home. I can only get back to my connection when i move to our old house in Tagig which will be by end of February.
I did plan to start updating my blog at the first day of this year. But since i told you all that i don't have connection back home i cant. Plus when this year start I got so many work to do. So i really become busy. Plus the depression i felt. All did took all my time. But as of right now. I can say that i am on a positive way now. I try to teach myself not to be influence by bad thing that happening or will happened to my life. Talking to god and listening to music did help me get through all of the bad stuff that came to my life. Plus my family do help too. And my fiance Shane who always there even if i turn the phone off when I'm mad when he call. And also my friend Rea who always tell me to hold on and think positive. All of them did help me in the toughest time of my life.
Well i got to end this post now. I got to go back to my work. I got to finish some stuff before going home. God Bless You all!!!! Babushka!!!!