Wednesday, September 30

The typhoon that took away my house

A big typhoon arrived in the Philippines last Friday night. When i woke up on that Saturday morning its already raining. And since typhoon like that always hit the Philippines, plus at that time it wasn't that strong yet. I went to work and do my regular routine. Its been raining the whole day while i was at the office. It was just a typical rain so i didn't felt it will get worst I guess its because the rain is not that strong. As the hours pass by I receive a call to my friend who were living in Laguna she is our Office manager too. She told me to go home early because she can see at the T.V that the typhoon is getting worst. And that there are flood everywhere she worry that i will have difficulty in commuting it i stay long at the office. So me and my co workers decided to go home early. When i went down the building of our office i can see lots of people already in a hurry to go home. I had didn't have any difficulty in getting a bus, but the bus i took was so full i got to push my self in. I even walk on a flooded street just to arrived at my house. I was already worried when i saw that the town near when i live is flooded already i worry that my house will be flooded too and i am more worry about my stuff. I live alone and nobody will rescue my stuff while I'm away.As i arrive to area where my house is. I was surprise that it already flooded and that the flood is so high. I felt so sad and worry and wondering how my house will look like. While i was walking i came across one of my neighbor and told me that they broke into my house already and save all of my important things, specially the appliances like my computer and the fridge. The flood was waist high and i am sure that if my neighbor didn't do that they did all of my stuff will me wet or will be wash away by the flood. Some of my stuff that wasn't rescued by my neighbors were all wet and already ruin. Like my fictional books that is under the T.v stand and some soap and shampoo that is on the shower floor. I didn't slept that day and was so tired. Walking in the flood that is waist high is so tiring. I cant take a shower too. And i really cant move much. So i decided to text and ask for a permission to our office manage if i can stay at the office while my house is flooded. I'm glad they said yes, so right now i am staying here at the office. And i don't really know how long will i be staying here. I only sleep at the floor. Good thing the floor is carpeted so it wasn't that cold to sleep on to.
I did felt sad and pity for myself by when i saw what happened to other people that day i realize i am much more lucky than they are. Other lost everything, some even lost there love ones or even there life. I'm still luck in someway. Lucky that i have a place to stay. Even if some of my stuff are gone already. At least i still have some clothes to wear from day to day. Even if did have much money, at least i still have some to buy food to eat. I just only hope that the water will be come soon. I really don't like to stay here at the office that long. But i guess i will just enjoy staying here at the office while i am here and try to continue my life and give my best to life everyday.

Wednesday, September 23

Late birthday celebration

<-------Kyle trying to make a cute pose
kc<------- Sipping some yummy soup
<------ Hey I'm on the phone
<----- yummy ice tea

Like i had told you all on my last post. I will take pictures on how i did celebrate my birthday. I know it did took a long time for me to post it here after my birthday. But like i always said it better late than never, plus i did promise i will post some pictures about how i did celebrate my birthday. As you may see in the picture i spend it with my nephew and my younger sister. I know you will be asking where my mom is. Well i did spend my day with her on my birthday so she decided to just stay home when me and my sister and her son went out a day after my birthday. We went to the mall brought some shoes for my nephew and some dress for me and my mom and for my sister too. Then we went to this Chinese fast food and ate some noodles and siopao. It was fun as you can see at some of the picture i posted here. My nephew really did enjoy the food he love noodles so much. And as for me i really enjoy it so much. Although to some its just an ordinary day but spend a special day with the people who love is really amazing. Hope you all will like the picture i know i am not it any of the picture , its just that i am so happy i forgot to take a picture me!!!

Saturday, September 5

Another year for me !

Hello blogger, Today is one of the happiest day of my life. Today i am celebrating my 31st birthday. And i am feel so blessed and happy that another years had come for me. It mean another year of happiness and challenge. And yes i am up to all the challenge that will come my way this year. Last year of my life was so hard getting through all of the financial problems and losing one of the person i love most was so hard for me. I did usually felt that Birthday is so important that it need to be celebrate. Before i always let a special day like this just pass by with out celebrating it. But today its different actually i been planning of what to do today for the pass few weeks already. When i lose my brother i then realize how important life is, and that each hours and second that god gave to us have to be important and we have to spend doing what we really want to do. And always be happy in what we have. Always say what you feel to the one who love and spend a lot of time with them, because we didn't know how many time we will have a chance to do it or how many time we will have a chance to spend and celebrate our birthday with our friends and family. I do miss my brother specially at this special occasion like this I do miss my dad too. Usually its my dad who first greet me when i wake up on my morning birthday. And my brother will sure text me right away if he is still here. I do miss all this simple stuff that my dad and my brother do for me. I don't want to be sad today but every time i think about them i always feel the sadness like it was just yesterday that they left.
I plan to go visit my mom and celebrate my birthday with her with the rest of my family. My sister will come see me here at the office and she will send some food for my co-workers to eat. I plan to go out tomorrow to have a picnic at the park but i really don't know what will happened tomorrow. But i will get some picture of it to post it here so that you will all know how wonderful my birthday celebration was. So stay check my next post for some picture of my Birthday Celebration!!!!