Monday, June 22

In memory of my Father

Hello to all the blogger out there. Since yesterday (in Philippines time) and today ( U.S time) is fathers day i would like to tell you all about my daddy. I know my dad is just an ordinary person. But like always every daughter or son will always say there dad is the best day in the world. Well my dad is the best to for me. Not because of the usual reason like his the provider and the man of the house. My dad is special because for me he is the one who influence me and the reason of what i am now. My dad is the usual strict dad that's one reason why i didn't have any boyfriend till i turn 19 years old. But even if he is strict and i know almost all of fathers are like that. One thing i really proud to say is that I feel so lucky to have a daddy like him is because he always believe in me. And he always tell me thing that a lady has to be. He always advice me or tell stories that will always stay in my memories. And even if were just poor when i was growing up. He will always be the first one to greet me on my birthday. He will wake up so early and will always seat next to my bed and wait for me to open my eyes and then he will greet me with a smile on his face. Its one of the thing i really miss every time my birthday comes. I know all of us are special to him. But i guess he do can see that i am a strong person. On the day he die, i guess he already knew that it is his time. On that day he did call me and tell me to be strong. He been having his asthma that day and even if his having a hard time breathing. He told me that he got to go, he said his sorry but he is tired already. And he said i need to be strong. And he ask me to take care of my mom. Its the first time i see my dad tears rolling to his eyes. I can feel its really difficult for him to do those things. I'm still young at that time but i know i need to be strong for my mom, my brother and my sister. And i been a stronger person after that. I was the one who help my mom with everything from providing food to house bills. I always help my mom. And i guess when ever my dad is right now he is proud of me. Sometimes i wonder how it will be if his still here. Will he ask me to get married too like what my mom always tell me. Mom said I'm getting old already that i need to have a family of my own.
I do miss my dad all the time. I do wish he is still here. And that he be right next to me on my wedding day. But i know in spirit he is here. And that he always look after me, my sister and my mom. I know he is not alone now too. I know my brother is with him always looking after us here. And that one day i will be with them. But right now i got to always be strong just like what he ask me to be. I admit i do get kinda weak sometimes. Well i am just human, i do feel down too sometimes. But every time i think of my dad i get stronger. And i am thanking my dad for being a role model, a believer, and a strict but loving father to me and to my brother and sister. Happy Fathers day to you Daddy!!! I always miss you and will always love you so much.

Monday, June 15

Happy Independence Day

Here in the Philippines we do celebrate our Independence day every 12th of June. And I know this is a late greeting but like they say its better late than never. So Happy Independence day too all the Filipino around the world and even outside the world. Living in a country that is Independent is really a big luck for me. My dad used to said before that I have to be thankful that the country i live in is independent. Since my dad was a Seaman, he been to lots of places in the world were he saw the different between an independent country and other country that is not independent. Being independent is really a good privilege. We can make our own choice to everything. From clothes, food, movies and Tv series to watch. And we even have the privilege of expressing out own opinions. We all have to be thankful to all those poeple who risk there life and even give there life for our independence. And we always have the heart to continue what they started. Lets always have our eyes open and be observant. Always have the courage to voice out what we feel and always be alert. Lets always practice our privilege to voice out our opinion and fight for our rights and dont be afraid to do it.
Just like what happened last June 10, 2009 where lots of Filipino people, young and old get together to protest the con ass ( Constituent Assembly). Lots poeple get together to show there protest. That's one example of how to practice our independent. And with all of the issues we been having like the Cha - cha. Lots of Filipino who have a heart of patriot do fight there right and voice out ther opinion about it.
And if you will ask me about my opinon. Honestly i really dont like whats happening right now. I really dont like charter change to happened. I felt it will only give more problem and will only lead to a big violence in the future. I hope there will still be some ways other than the charter change. I can see lots of people are against the cha-cha but i dont see that government is listening. Now i am wondering what will happened if its amended. And how will it affect our future as an independent country.
I guess all we can do now is just always be consistent in voicing out our opinion about it. And always keep our eyes open ,specially to the poeple who kept on trying there best to drive away our focus. Always have a watchful eyes and always Be aware!!!

Wednesday, June 10

Strike two

I felt this is going to be an embarrassing thing to write about and i been planning to write this since it happened but it took me days to have the gut to do it. Everyday i always took a bus on my way home from Ayala to Guadalupe. Usually i go out at around 5pm which is usually not a rush hour time to go home. But last Saturday i went home a little late around 8pm. While i was at the bus i didn't feel anything of that something is going to happened that night. All i know is i feel tired and i really wanna go home. Then came my stop, as was walking down the alley of the bus to go out. There this young guy who is at my front. I thought it is his stop too so i walk along then when we came to the middle of the bus he suddenly stop and the guy at my back kept on saying "excuse" repeatedly which make me turn my back for a couple of minutes. Even the driver yelled and ask them to let me out. then this guy who is at my front suddenly go back to his seat and i walk out freely. But as i go down the bus i realize my bag was half unzipped. That's the time i realize i got robbed. So i did check my bag and discovered that my cellphone was gone already. Although its not a very expensive cellphone. I did brought a cheaper one because i lost my cellphone a few months ago. I still felt sad about losing this cellphone. Things is when i buy a new cellphone i got to buy new simcard and got to inform all of my friends, colleague, family and relatives with my new number. Plus the upsetting thing that i lost 2 cellphone in just a year. This is the time where you really wanna say Oh! what the heck.
But then again i got to move on. I got to save some money to buy a new one again. And my work and lifestyle do really demand me to have a cellphone so i really need to have one soon. I guess next time i will really as in really going to be careful. Thing is at least i wasn't hurt when that happened. Usually they do hurt the person they robbed. So even if something bad had happened i try my best to see the good side of it. And i decided to right about this so that when other read this they will be aware too. Honestly i already saw their "modus operande" on T.V. It is where there will be three people usually guys who will ride a bus and will seat on separate seats then they will wait for their prey. Then when they saw the prey they will wait for the person to leave the bus and as person leave he/she will surely going to walk on the alley to go out of the bus thats where they will all go to the alley and squeeze the person then one of them will made a drama too interupt the person so that he/she wont notice that one of them is already trying to open his/her bag. But even if i already knew this i still didnt realize it is happening to me until i am out of the bus and saw my bag who is half unzipped.
I guess sometimes there will come a time that we are un aware of the danger that is lurking around us. And thats sometimes they do get luck and will catch us off guard. This will be another reminder for all of us.

Saturday, June 6

Rainy days are here again

Philippine is a tropical country and one of the season we have in a year is the rainy season. There are 10 or more typhoon that come and visit my country. Umbrella, raincoat and jacket are the usually thing to bring or buy. And with the change climate that's happening on our world. I need to always be ready that's why i always bring my umbrella with me.
Its been raining for a week now even if there's no typhoon that been reported on the news. And when there's rain there sure is flood everywhere. Some of the street in Metro Manila had been flooded and lots of people and even cars had been stranded because of the flood. I am a little lucky that our office was moved in Makati now. Makati doesn't flood much like other places in Manila. So i didn't had a hard time going home after work. The only thing that is hard for me to do it waking up in the morning, since its cold its really tempting to just stay in my bed and sleep. And the ongoing reconstruction of the drainage in highway where i past by on my way to work. Its makes me wonder why they made the reconstruction when they already know its rainy season. I just hope they will finish it soon enough because the construction is causing traffic that always makes me late from work for the pass weeks already.
But then again i still love the rain. My dad always say rain is the way the earth washes away the dirty of the world. My grandmother told me too that rain are the tears of the million angels in the sky. And one of my friend also told me that rain is the start of a good romance. But for me rain give us reason to hug someone a reason to enjoy the cool breeze of the wind and the splash of the water in our body. Most of the time i do enjoy watching the rain drops on my window. Just sitting down with a cup of coffee and feeling the splash of raindrops on my face. Its one of the things we have to be thankful to god. A privilege of feel the nature, and to be with the nature for a while. Its fun to just walk in the rain sometimes. I remember when i was small i always enjoy
going out and play when its raining. I always do that with my brother. We go out when the rain is really strong already and just ran around and get wet. Feel the raindrops on our head and splash the water on each other. It feel a little cold but it was so fun. One of the memories i have with my brother. Oh! I really miss him so much. But i always know he is in a good hands now. And he always look after me all the time.
Well i guess lesson is even if i always think of the negative stuff specially when I'm down. I can and will find a way to think of the positive side of things so i can survive. And with all of the problem i and we are having in this world were at. It still a good thing to think that God is just there waiting for us to realize that everything has a purpose and that there's always time in everything.
Babushka !!! and God Bless!!!