Friday, May 28

Excited to be a Mom!!

On June 3th i will be on my 5 months pregnancy. My Doctor said i will start feeling my baby movement. My baby is getting stronger even the heart beat is in good condition. Although i didn't know if my baby is a boy or girl yet. Each day i woke up i feel happy that i have a precious gift inside my body. My boyfriend is excited too. Everyday i see him i always see a sparkle in his eyes. He always touch my tummy. Maybe his way of saying hello to our baby. Sometimes he held his ear near my tummy he want to hear whats happening inside. I told him he will feel our baby kick inside soon. And he is excited about that. He really want to experience how its like when a baby really move if he touch my tummy.
I'm still going to work everyday. I felt i need it or i be so bored when i just stay home. I also want to help with the expenses. Specially now that I'm always hungry. And i got to have vitamins everyday. Before i always heard my mom always say my life will change of i will have my own baby. And now it is true. Its really a life changing to me. I didn't think about my self all the time anymore. I always think about my baby and my loving boyfriend. I do hope soon we can afford to get married so that my baby will have a better future. Although sometimes its kinda hard. My baby is getting heavy. I cant do all of the usual home chores i can do every day before. Now I got to rest every time. But its just fine. I only smile when i sit down right away after standing for just 30 minutes. Even my butt hurt when i sit for long in just one position. But i know all of that is part of having my precious baby.
I always pray to god to always take care of me and my baby and to my boyfriend also. I pray that god always give me strength. And always give me wisdom and i promise i will be a good mom to my precious baby.

Thursday, May 6

Changing My Life in A Moment

Hello fellow blogger its been a long time that i haven't post in my blog. Honest its because i don't feel like posting for the past months. I guess its because of all of the life changing moment that had happened to me recently. First was my decision to broke up with my long time fiance then start going out with one of my co worker. Who become my boyfriend for the pass months. And now that i three months and two weeks pregnant with his child. I can surely say i am happy with what every had happened to me. I am now living in a new house with my boyfriend. So far he seems to be the sweet and nice guy i had. We're still on the adjusting stage but we both enjoying everything we seems to discover each day that we have together.
Being pregnant on my first baby is kinda hard for me. Everything are so new to me, the morning sickness were not that bad but when i have one it really do made me tired. I always get sleepy and hungry. I didn't usually have weird craving but when i do its really not that weird. But my smell buds are always strong specially on food. Plus i been gaining weight everyday which makes me feel heavier before. But even if i have this changes i am happy and excited that i will going to see my baby soon. I didn't know if my baby will be a boy or girl but i don't mind if his a boy or she will be a girl all i want is for him/her to be healthy and grow up as a good citizen.

With all of this changes i am trying my best to be a better human being. I want to be a good mother and a good husband to my new family. I know with the help of God, my mom, my sister, and also the love of my boyfriend and my cute nephew and all of the friends and people that is surrounding me with love and help i know i will be okay.

Tuesday, January 26

Something new this New Year

Last year what a little rough year for me and i guess for some of you too. With lots of struggles and obstacles I'm glad that i did made it through. And now that I'm looking forward to a new and better year. I know year 2010 is just starting but i can say that is it starting good so far. Although I still have some problem, but lets face it problem and challenges are always a part of every peoples life.
Its another year that i have to be thankful to god. Another year for me. I just hope that this year be the year where i can really find the only one i felt i been missing in my life. Right now i can say that i have found it but I'm not 100% sure yet. Lets say i am on a right pace now.
I been in a huge decision making lately. Its really kinda tough for me. Because no matter which one i choice i will definitely going to break one's heart. And i also worry that in the end its my heart who will be the one to get hurt. But In love and life we always need to take a risk. And we got to play this game called love. So far the one i have chosen is making me happy. His the reason why there's always smile on my face. And put the sparkle in my eyes. Although i do felt bad that i break one's heart i know i need to do it for both of us. So that we can all move on with our life.

Well i got to go now i got to meet my boss. See yah all again tomorrow !!!

Wednesday, December 16

Christmas breeze is here

Hello again my fellow bloggers. Its the month of December now and I'm sure all of us already feel the cold breeze of Christmas. This is the time of the year where i always need to heat up the water from my shower. A time where its so hard for me to get up in the morning because i really love and enjoy staying under those warm blanket. I enjoy looking at all of the Christmas decoration i always see outside my house. And at night all the Christmas light that are dancing and twinkling. Decoration that show the creativity of the Filipinos. From our native Parol to the different kinds of Christmas Tree surrounding with decoration and Christmas lights. Also the Christmas rush. Lots of people are busy going to stores and shops to buy gifts and give away and traffics are everywhere.
But theirs one thing that is different to me this coming Christmas. This is the first time that i felt this kind of excitement. I'm excited to buy gifts for all the people that i love. Because honestly I'm not really a gift giving person or let say i really didn't have that kind of spirit before. I really don't know what did happened to me, i guess i am just bursting with positive things that is why i want to share all of the blessings and happiness that i feel today. I feel so bless even with the recent flood that destroy my house. There are lots of things that i want to give thanks to god.
Then i have 2 Christmas party to attend too. One is this coming Saturday which is with my co workers and friends back at the office and the other one is back home with some of my close neighbors. It will sure be a fun party for me. And i am looking forward to it. Christmas is really the best time of the year. Christmas is the time we always get reminded how to help and love each other. Its also the time of get together and reunion of the family and friends. A time where we always remember to give gifts to our love ones. And most of all it is the Birthday of our lord Jesus Christ a very special day to all of us. And also a day for us to be thankful for all of the blessing we have all through the years.

Wednesday, November 11

What happened after the flood

Hello again all my dear bloggers. I know i been away for so long right after my post about what typhoon ondoy and typhoon pepe did to my house. I been busy at work with some new task that had been added to what i been doing before. Plus the rebuilding of my house after the flood. Then my Boss just arrived last week so thing at work got too busy. Everything was in a rush at week last week. But im glad i did get time to make a post today. My life like i said had been more busy after the flood. I am back at home now and my house is in the process of reconstruction this are the thing thats is making me be believe that in the darkest time of your life there will be a light that will always come to shine. I am bless to have friends who did realy helped me on my darkest days. A fiance who did his best to help me and a family who are alwasy there to keep me standing. One thing that help me not to think about all of this problem is my job. Because i was so busy i didnt feel or even have the time to pity myself. I can proudly say i did learn a lot about life now and have a greater trust to the lord.
Haloween also arrived and it was the birthday of my brother who pass away last year. I went to the cementary which is a tradition here in the philippines. I went with my mom and nephew. It was a different experience for me. It was my first time to go to a big cementary. We all did miss my brother when we left the cementary we went home and had a small dinner. Some of my relative went to our house because its was the birthday of my sister boyfriend too so they mad a small celebration. The 1st year anniversary of his death is also coming so we are preparing for it.
Christmas is also coming. I notice lots of building establishment and houses already put up there christmas decoration. Me I havent i guess i dont have time yet plus like i said my house is still in the process or reconstruction. Only the half of my house is finsih. I still need to find some money to continue the recontruction.
Well i guess i will end my post now. I got to do more job before the time to go home comes. God Bless to all of you!!!!

Wednesday, September 30

The typhoon that took away my house

A big typhoon arrived in the Philippines last Friday night. When i woke up on that Saturday morning its already raining. And since typhoon like that always hit the Philippines, plus at that time it wasn't that strong yet. I went to work and do my regular routine. Its been raining the whole day while i was at the office. It was just a typical rain so i didn't felt it will get worst I guess its because the rain is not that strong. As the hours pass by I receive a call to my friend who were living in Laguna she is our Office manager too. She told me to go home early because she can see at the T.V that the typhoon is getting worst. And that there are flood everywhere she worry that i will have difficulty in commuting it i stay long at the office. So me and my co workers decided to go home early. When i went down the building of our office i can see lots of people already in a hurry to go home. I had didn't have any difficulty in getting a bus, but the bus i took was so full i got to push my self in. I even walk on a flooded street just to arrived at my house. I was already worried when i saw that the town near when i live is flooded already i worry that my house will be flooded too and i am more worry about my stuff. I live alone and nobody will rescue my stuff while I'm away.As i arrive to area where my house is. I was surprise that it already flooded and that the flood is so high. I felt so sad and worry and wondering how my house will look like. While i was walking i came across one of my neighbor and told me that they broke into my house already and save all of my important things, specially the appliances like my computer and the fridge. The flood was waist high and i am sure that if my neighbor didn't do that they did all of my stuff will me wet or will be wash away by the flood. Some of my stuff that wasn't rescued by my neighbors were all wet and already ruin. Like my fictional books that is under the T.v stand and some soap and shampoo that is on the shower floor. I didn't slept that day and was so tired. Walking in the flood that is waist high is so tiring. I cant take a shower too. And i really cant move much. So i decided to text and ask for a permission to our office manage if i can stay at the office while my house is flooded. I'm glad they said yes, so right now i am staying here at the office. And i don't really know how long will i be staying here. I only sleep at the floor. Good thing the floor is carpeted so it wasn't that cold to sleep on to.
I did felt sad and pity for myself by when i saw what happened to other people that day i realize i am much more lucky than they are. Other lost everything, some even lost there love ones or even there life. I'm still luck in someway. Lucky that i have a place to stay. Even if some of my stuff are gone already. At least i still have some clothes to wear from day to day. Even if did have much money, at least i still have some to buy food to eat. I just only hope that the water will be come soon. I really don't like to stay here at the office that long. But i guess i will just enjoy staying here at the office while i am here and try to continue my life and give my best to life everyday.

Wednesday, September 23

Late birthday celebration

<-------Kyle trying to make a cute pose
kc<------- Sipping some yummy soup
<------ Hey I'm on the phone
<----- yummy ice tea

Like i had told you all on my last post. I will take pictures on how i did celebrate my birthday. I know it did took a long time for me to post it here after my birthday. But like i always said it better late than never, plus i did promise i will post some pictures about how i did celebrate my birthday. As you may see in the picture i spend it with my nephew and my younger sister. I know you will be asking where my mom is. Well i did spend my day with her on my birthday so she decided to just stay home when me and my sister and her son went out a day after my birthday. We went to the mall brought some shoes for my nephew and some dress for me and my mom and for my sister too. Then we went to this Chinese fast food and ate some noodles and siopao. It was fun as you can see at some of the picture i posted here. My nephew really did enjoy the food he love noodles so much. And as for me i really enjoy it so much. Although to some its just an ordinary day but spend a special day with the people who love is really amazing. Hope you all will like the picture i know i am not it any of the picture , its just that i am so happy i forgot to take a picture me!!!