Wednesday, September 23

Late birthday celebration

<-------Kyle trying to make a cute pose
kc<------- Sipping some yummy soup
<------ Hey I'm on the phone
<----- yummy ice tea

Like i had told you all on my last post. I will take pictures on how i did celebrate my birthday. I know it did took a long time for me to post it here after my birthday. But like i always said it better late than never, plus i did promise i will post some pictures about how i did celebrate my birthday. As you may see in the picture i spend it with my nephew and my younger sister. I know you will be asking where my mom is. Well i did spend my day with her on my birthday so she decided to just stay home when me and my sister and her son went out a day after my birthday. We went to the mall brought some shoes for my nephew and some dress for me and my mom and for my sister too. Then we went to this Chinese fast food and ate some noodles and siopao. It was fun as you can see at some of the picture i posted here. My nephew really did enjoy the food he love noodles so much. And as for me i really enjoy it so much. Although to some its just an ordinary day but spend a special day with the people who love is really amazing. Hope you all will like the picture i know i am not it any of the picture , its just that i am so happy i forgot to take a picture me!!!

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