Tuesday, August 25

Live life to the fullest

Hello blogger i haven't post much on my blog again. I been busy with my work. But since my birthday is coming soon i want to share something to all of you. I didn't usually celebrate my birthday before. But this year i will make a difference and will celebrate it with my family. I plan to go to a National park and also plan to go to an Ocean park with my mom, sister and my nephew. I'm sure my nephew will enjoy it and i will also. I didn't go out much recently so it will be a good for me to experience something new and different that my usual way like home and work. Although i will miss my fiance. And hoping he will be here in my birthday. Hay! sometimes i wonder why did i fall in love to a guy who is a thousand miles away from me. But i guess that what love is all about. Just like what a song say " If the love fit wear it". And yes our love really fits. Although i got to so many adjustment on my life when i met him. But still our love are still strong. And i am glad he did a lot of sacrifice and adjustment for me too. Some do say long distance love did not work but my love is the reality that long distance love do work. Just need to put trust and if love is really there and always take time to talk even if both are far from each other it guess it will really going to work.
I guess the real deal in life is to live it to the fullest. Try not to get all of the problem and depression in life get the way. Because if you allow it to get hold of your life. You wont feel the real deal of life. Always think that all of the people in the world do have problem. And we are the only one who make our own problem so big. But if you look at it on a wider you will see that there are lots of people who have a bigger problem than you. We did know how long we will going to have this life so why not spend it all with happiness and always try to be a blessing to others.

Friday, August 14

Am I too judgemental?!

Hello dear blogger I'm back again, I know its been awhile i been busy with work. Our company are venturing to a business so i am task to help make it happened. I been at the office mostly on my day off help in cleaning and preparing the office to this new kind of venture. Glad my mom did visited me so i am not worry staying last at night in the office for this last few days. The new business is now starting. And i hope it will really going to improve our company.

There is something that really bug me for the past few days and i did really plan to blog this. It was spreading that one of the guy i just knew was a gay. He do dress like a guy all the time. And i really don't have any idea how that gossip did pop up. At first i really didn't thought he was. But when one of my friend told me that she thought our new friend was a gay. It suddenly made me think and wonder what is he is gay. And just trying to hide it from us. But i do thought that maybe he is just like that he just close to girls than guys that's why some of my friends thought he was a gay. And i guess he is just ask feminine something because he was raise by lady more that by a man. But even if i think like this there still something in my mind that say "what is he is a gay?"

As a human i know all of us already judge someone without trying to know someone first. And yes i did that too. Just that sometimes i really cant help not to thing something to another person. Not that what i was thinking was so bad though. But its really easy to just believe in what ever you hear even if it is just a gossip. I am not really a gossiper. And i really didn't enjoy talking about other peoples life. But as a human, If you hear of something that will give you interest and would made you wonder. You suddenly become one of them who did think bad to another person. And yes i admit i did that . But i cant help it, I even made an observation if what i heard were true. And we are still talking about it until now. In someway i do feel guilty, but as human we always feel curious about something or someone that is mysterious to us. Or did some something out of the ordinary. And i know someone in my life or maybe right now do thought about something do ever wonder about me or maybe say or think something about me. It is sometimes really hard to just go to that person and just ask him yourself. Thing is you will think of how will he will react to what you will ask. Will he handle it OK and just be polite to answer or he will get mad and said something bad back to me and if he does what will my reaction be.
I ones learned that it was better to tell or ask someone and not just stay curious to something. But reality is, its really hard to do that. There are so many thing that will pop up to your mind ones I thought of asking him. Like what will happen if he found out and he found out that i was one of the people who think like that to him. Honestly deep inside me i really do want to know if he is or he is not. But i have no guts to ask the question. My first worry is that i will offend him if i ask it or even tell him that some of our friend thought he is a gay. I guess for now all i can do is just shut my mouth and wait what will happened next. I know what i was doing was not a real friend would do. But i really cant find the guts to tell him or even ask him.