Friday, August 15

Friday fever

Hello Bloggers, Good day to all of you. Sorry i was so busy yesterday and i forgot to make a post again. I am still busy too now. My boss need some update from the website I'm working on next week. So i for too finish some of it before next week. I'm not feeling that well today. I have a flu. Have body ache and fever. But i still went to work. I felt if i just stay home it will only get worst. I do take up medicine for my flu. I hope it really wont get worst. I really don't like bed resting when I'm sick. I feel bored if i stay whole day at home laying down. I got wet yesterday cause i didn't brought my umbrella. I thought it wont rain. But now i brought an umbrella already. But still i hope it wont rain later when i go home. Kinda hard to go home when it rain cause of the flood. My fiancée just called. He do miss me he said. And of course i miss him too so much. we haven't chat for 2 weeks now i guess. but we still talk everyday. Cause he call everyday too.
Well i guess thats all for now. I got to go back to my work and get some stuff done. Take care all... God Bless and babushka!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13


Hello blogger I decided to make a post before i go to lunch today so i wont forget about it later. I have cold today. Been annoyed by it for a week now. I been taking up medicine for colds but i guess its not working. I just don't like it when it clog my nose the whole say. And most of the time i cant breath normally. I guess i got to try another medicine. I'm on the process of learning XML for my new work. I'm almost done taking of lectures on the net. I hope i can do it and be successful of finishing one website.
My brother just text me he said he miss me. I been living in manila (while is a miles away from them) for a month now. But i do visit them sometimes specially on weekends when its my day off. I do miss them too specially my cute and lovable nephew. And also i do miss my mom.I havent chat to my fiancée for a week now. His computer is broken so i got to wait for him to have a new one. He do call though when he got home from work. Or when he woke up in the morning.
I will be off for now. I got to go back to work again. Hope my colds will go away soon. Take care all and God Bless..... Babushka

Tuesday, August 12

Been a Month

Hello blogger, I know its been months since my last post. I been busy. Starting a new job. And moving to a very busy city. Adapting to the busy like here in manila. Plus my boss who is base in States came. So while his here i been so busy. Arranging all his meetings. Going to meeting with him. Scheduling, booking his hotel, and lots of stuff. I been thinking to post since august came. But i decided to finish the task my boss gave me before i do. So now i 'm making a post already. I did miss this. Most of the time i know i forget to post in my blog. But i guess i find a way for me to always remember it. I put a note to make me always remind about my blog.
Theres a lot of things that did happened to me while i am away. I been to Subic last month, and stay in this nice hotel. I ' m alone in my room. So its kinda bit boring. Then i was busy trying to get contact to some government agency. We wanna introduce our product. That i know wight help our problem in our waters.
Its been a little struggle for me do adjust in my new life now. I got to sacrifice a lot. I haven't been to church for quiet awhile. But last Sunday i already did attend a morning service. I felt so happy. Not going to a Sunday service did gave me a long weeks of guiltiness.
I hope things will all go so fine. I still have some financial problem. But with my new job i 'm trying to solve most of them.
I will be having my birthday soon too so i 'm so excited about it. I 'm turning 30. Hmmm i guess it time to get some updates to my blog. Since i 'm turning 30's.
Well i got i got to go for now. I still got jobs to do. Take care all !!! God Bless and Babushka!