Wednesday, December 16

Christmas breeze is here

Hello again my fellow bloggers. Its the month of December now and I'm sure all of us already feel the cold breeze of Christmas. This is the time of the year where i always need to heat up the water from my shower. A time where its so hard for me to get up in the morning because i really love and enjoy staying under those warm blanket. I enjoy looking at all of the Christmas decoration i always see outside my house. And at night all the Christmas light that are dancing and twinkling. Decoration that show the creativity of the Filipinos. From our native Parol to the different kinds of Christmas Tree surrounding with decoration and Christmas lights. Also the Christmas rush. Lots of people are busy going to stores and shops to buy gifts and give away and traffics are everywhere.
But theirs one thing that is different to me this coming Christmas. This is the first time that i felt this kind of excitement. I'm excited to buy gifts for all the people that i love. Because honestly I'm not really a gift giving person or let say i really didn't have that kind of spirit before. I really don't know what did happened to me, i guess i am just bursting with positive things that is why i want to share all of the blessings and happiness that i feel today. I feel so bless even with the recent flood that destroy my house. There are lots of things that i want to give thanks to god.
Then i have 2 Christmas party to attend too. One is this coming Saturday which is with my co workers and friends back at the office and the other one is back home with some of my close neighbors. It will sure be a fun party for me. And i am looking forward to it. Christmas is really the best time of the year. Christmas is the time we always get reminded how to help and love each other. Its also the time of get together and reunion of the family and friends. A time where we always remember to give gifts to our love ones. And most of all it is the Birthday of our lord Jesus Christ a very special day to all of us. And also a day for us to be thankful for all of the blessing we have all through the years.

Wednesday, November 11

What happened after the flood

Hello again all my dear bloggers. I know i been away for so long right after my post about what typhoon ondoy and typhoon pepe did to my house. I been busy at work with some new task that had been added to what i been doing before. Plus the rebuilding of my house after the flood. Then my Boss just arrived last week so thing at work got too busy. Everything was in a rush at week last week. But im glad i did get time to make a post today. My life like i said had been more busy after the flood. I am back at home now and my house is in the process of reconstruction this are the thing thats is making me be believe that in the darkest time of your life there will be a light that will always come to shine. I am bless to have friends who did realy helped me on my darkest days. A fiance who did his best to help me and a family who are alwasy there to keep me standing. One thing that help me not to think about all of this problem is my job. Because i was so busy i didnt feel or even have the time to pity myself. I can proudly say i did learn a lot about life now and have a greater trust to the lord.
Haloween also arrived and it was the birthday of my brother who pass away last year. I went to the cementary which is a tradition here in the philippines. I went with my mom and nephew. It was a different experience for me. It was my first time to go to a big cementary. We all did miss my brother when we left the cementary we went home and had a small dinner. Some of my relative went to our house because its was the birthday of my sister boyfriend too so they mad a small celebration. The 1st year anniversary of his death is also coming so we are preparing for it.
Christmas is also coming. I notice lots of building establishment and houses already put up there christmas decoration. Me I havent i guess i dont have time yet plus like i said my house is still in the process or reconstruction. Only the half of my house is finsih. I still need to find some money to continue the recontruction.
Well i guess i will end my post now. I got to do more job before the time to go home comes. God Bless to all of you!!!!

Wednesday, September 30

The typhoon that took away my house

A big typhoon arrived in the Philippines last Friday night. When i woke up on that Saturday morning its already raining. And since typhoon like that always hit the Philippines, plus at that time it wasn't that strong yet. I went to work and do my regular routine. Its been raining the whole day while i was at the office. It was just a typical rain so i didn't felt it will get worst I guess its because the rain is not that strong. As the hours pass by I receive a call to my friend who were living in Laguna she is our Office manager too. She told me to go home early because she can see at the T.V that the typhoon is getting worst. And that there are flood everywhere she worry that i will have difficulty in commuting it i stay long at the office. So me and my co workers decided to go home early. When i went down the building of our office i can see lots of people already in a hurry to go home. I had didn't have any difficulty in getting a bus, but the bus i took was so full i got to push my self in. I even walk on a flooded street just to arrived at my house. I was already worried when i saw that the town near when i live is flooded already i worry that my house will be flooded too and i am more worry about my stuff. I live alone and nobody will rescue my stuff while I'm away.As i arrive to area where my house is. I was surprise that it already flooded and that the flood is so high. I felt so sad and worry and wondering how my house will look like. While i was walking i came across one of my neighbor and told me that they broke into my house already and save all of my important things, specially the appliances like my computer and the fridge. The flood was waist high and i am sure that if my neighbor didn't do that they did all of my stuff will me wet or will be wash away by the flood. Some of my stuff that wasn't rescued by my neighbors were all wet and already ruin. Like my fictional books that is under the T.v stand and some soap and shampoo that is on the shower floor. I didn't slept that day and was so tired. Walking in the flood that is waist high is so tiring. I cant take a shower too. And i really cant move much. So i decided to text and ask for a permission to our office manage if i can stay at the office while my house is flooded. I'm glad they said yes, so right now i am staying here at the office. And i don't really know how long will i be staying here. I only sleep at the floor. Good thing the floor is carpeted so it wasn't that cold to sleep on to.
I did felt sad and pity for myself by when i saw what happened to other people that day i realize i am much more lucky than they are. Other lost everything, some even lost there love ones or even there life. I'm still luck in someway. Lucky that i have a place to stay. Even if some of my stuff are gone already. At least i still have some clothes to wear from day to day. Even if did have much money, at least i still have some to buy food to eat. I just only hope that the water will be come soon. I really don't like to stay here at the office that long. But i guess i will just enjoy staying here at the office while i am here and try to continue my life and give my best to life everyday.

Wednesday, September 23

Late birthday celebration

<-------Kyle trying to make a cute pose
kc<------- Sipping some yummy soup
<------ Hey I'm on the phone
<----- yummy ice tea

Like i had told you all on my last post. I will take pictures on how i did celebrate my birthday. I know it did took a long time for me to post it here after my birthday. But like i always said it better late than never, plus i did promise i will post some pictures about how i did celebrate my birthday. As you may see in the picture i spend it with my nephew and my younger sister. I know you will be asking where my mom is. Well i did spend my day with her on my birthday so she decided to just stay home when me and my sister and her son went out a day after my birthday. We went to the mall brought some shoes for my nephew and some dress for me and my mom and for my sister too. Then we went to this Chinese fast food and ate some noodles and siopao. It was fun as you can see at some of the picture i posted here. My nephew really did enjoy the food he love noodles so much. And as for me i really enjoy it so much. Although to some its just an ordinary day but spend a special day with the people who love is really amazing. Hope you all will like the picture i know i am not it any of the picture , its just that i am so happy i forgot to take a picture me!!!

Saturday, September 5

Another year for me !

Hello blogger, Today is one of the happiest day of my life. Today i am celebrating my 31st birthday. And i am feel so blessed and happy that another years had come for me. It mean another year of happiness and challenge. And yes i am up to all the challenge that will come my way this year. Last year of my life was so hard getting through all of the financial problems and losing one of the person i love most was so hard for me. I did usually felt that Birthday is so important that it need to be celebrate. Before i always let a special day like this just pass by with out celebrating it. But today its different actually i been planning of what to do today for the pass few weeks already. When i lose my brother i then realize how important life is, and that each hours and second that god gave to us have to be important and we have to spend doing what we really want to do. And always be happy in what we have. Always say what you feel to the one who love and spend a lot of time with them, because we didn't know how many time we will have a chance to do it or how many time we will have a chance to spend and celebrate our birthday with our friends and family. I do miss my brother specially at this special occasion like this I do miss my dad too. Usually its my dad who first greet me when i wake up on my morning birthday. And my brother will sure text me right away if he is still here. I do miss all this simple stuff that my dad and my brother do for me. I don't want to be sad today but every time i think about them i always feel the sadness like it was just yesterday that they left.
I plan to go visit my mom and celebrate my birthday with her with the rest of my family. My sister will come see me here at the office and she will send some food for my co-workers to eat. I plan to go out tomorrow to have a picnic at the park but i really don't know what will happened tomorrow. But i will get some picture of it to post it here so that you will all know how wonderful my birthday celebration was. So stay check my next post for some picture of my Birthday Celebration!!!!

Tuesday, August 25

Live life to the fullest

Hello blogger i haven't post much on my blog again. I been busy with my work. But since my birthday is coming soon i want to share something to all of you. I didn't usually celebrate my birthday before. But this year i will make a difference and will celebrate it with my family. I plan to go to a National park and also plan to go to an Ocean park with my mom, sister and my nephew. I'm sure my nephew will enjoy it and i will also. I didn't go out much recently so it will be a good for me to experience something new and different that my usual way like home and work. Although i will miss my fiance. And hoping he will be here in my birthday. Hay! sometimes i wonder why did i fall in love to a guy who is a thousand miles away from me. But i guess that what love is all about. Just like what a song say " If the love fit wear it". And yes our love really fits. Although i got to so many adjustment on my life when i met him. But still our love are still strong. And i am glad he did a lot of sacrifice and adjustment for me too. Some do say long distance love did not work but my love is the reality that long distance love do work. Just need to put trust and if love is really there and always take time to talk even if both are far from each other it guess it will really going to work.
I guess the real deal in life is to live it to the fullest. Try not to get all of the problem and depression in life get the way. Because if you allow it to get hold of your life. You wont feel the real deal of life. Always think that all of the people in the world do have problem. And we are the only one who make our own problem so big. But if you look at it on a wider you will see that there are lots of people who have a bigger problem than you. We did know how long we will going to have this life so why not spend it all with happiness and always try to be a blessing to others.

Friday, August 14

Am I too judgemental?!

Hello dear blogger I'm back again, I know its been awhile i been busy with work. Our company are venturing to a business so i am task to help make it happened. I been at the office mostly on my day off help in cleaning and preparing the office to this new kind of venture. Glad my mom did visited me so i am not worry staying last at night in the office for this last few days. The new business is now starting. And i hope it will really going to improve our company.

There is something that really bug me for the past few days and i did really plan to blog this. It was spreading that one of the guy i just knew was a gay. He do dress like a guy all the time. And i really don't have any idea how that gossip did pop up. At first i really didn't thought he was. But when one of my friend told me that she thought our new friend was a gay. It suddenly made me think and wonder what is he is gay. And just trying to hide it from us. But i do thought that maybe he is just like that he just close to girls than guys that's why some of my friends thought he was a gay. And i guess he is just ask feminine something because he was raise by lady more that by a man. But even if i think like this there still something in my mind that say "what is he is a gay?"

As a human i know all of us already judge someone without trying to know someone first. And yes i did that too. Just that sometimes i really cant help not to thing something to another person. Not that what i was thinking was so bad though. But its really easy to just believe in what ever you hear even if it is just a gossip. I am not really a gossiper. And i really didn't enjoy talking about other peoples life. But as a human, If you hear of something that will give you interest and would made you wonder. You suddenly become one of them who did think bad to another person. And yes i admit i did that . But i cant help it, I even made an observation if what i heard were true. And we are still talking about it until now. In someway i do feel guilty, but as human we always feel curious about something or someone that is mysterious to us. Or did some something out of the ordinary. And i know someone in my life or maybe right now do thought about something do ever wonder about me or maybe say or think something about me. It is sometimes really hard to just go to that person and just ask him yourself. Thing is you will think of how will he will react to what you will ask. Will he handle it OK and just be polite to answer or he will get mad and said something bad back to me and if he does what will my reaction be.
I ones learned that it was better to tell or ask someone and not just stay curious to something. But reality is, its really hard to do that. There are so many thing that will pop up to your mind ones I thought of asking him. Like what will happen if he found out and he found out that i was one of the people who think like that to him. Honestly deep inside me i really do want to know if he is or he is not. But i have no guts to ask the question. My first worry is that i will offend him if i ask it or even tell him that some of our friend thought he is a gay. I guess for now all i can do is just shut my mouth and wait what will happened next. I know what i was doing was not a real friend would do. But i really cant find the guts to tell him or even ask him.

Friday, July 31

Good to be back

Hello dear blogger!! I been away from my blog for a little long time. I been busy with work and it took all my time that's why i couldn't find time to make a post. But before i went to sleep last night i told myself i really got to make a post by tomorrow. There's nothing much new stuff happened to me for the past few weeks. I'm getting used of living alone. I had a general cleaning last Sunday on my house before i went to visit my mom, sister and nephew last Monday. They are my nephew Kyle is growing up and so smart in many ways. My sister is busy with her small barbecue business and her and my mom do together. I kind of enjoying the luxury of living alone although there are some things that is hard when living alone like you don't have any help in doing the household chores. But i see it as a good exercise for me.

I been listening to lots of Michael Jackson song this past few weeks. I am kinda sad of what had happened. He is really the great artist and performer in the world. He always give his heart and soul in every songs and concert he performed. And all of his song have a great meaning when it comes to love, relationship and the world we live in. I always think that He do see the world in different way because he always have a child heart in him. It is really a sad thing that he is gone. But i know he is more happy now in a place he is right now. A place he always wanted, a place where he wont be treated like he always have to be perfect. I do wonder it is really hard to be an actress of a performer. Lots of people look at you and judge you even if they didn't know you at all and always want you to be perfect.

I guess i will end this post by now because i got to go back to work and get some work done. Its the end of the month today so i got to email a monthly report to my boss before i get off to work today. So i got to add some more job to my report. I see you all next time!!!! Good Bless and Take care!!

Tuesday, July 7

Trust worthy

Oh! i really don't feel good today. I guess because of the decision i made yesterday. I decided to do something that will hurt and did hurt someone who is close to me. As everyone of you or maybe some of you know the girlfriend of my decease brother do live with me. But yesterday i decided to ditch her out of my house. I did this because its been a week already that she didn't sleep at my house. I thought she just enjoy sleeping over to her friends house, which is the reason she tell me when she didn't come home at night. But last Sunday when she was away again one of my neighbor ask me how i am being alone at my house. I said i am OK and that my brother girlfriend will come home soon and that she is just enjoying sleeping over to her friends house. My neighbor then said oh i thought she is already living with another guy. She said she heard it from her daughter is a close friend of my brother's girlfriend. So i ask some of her friends they one said yes and another one said no and that the guy is just her new boyfriend. Although it OK for me since my brother already pass away. But the thought of her not telling me and finding it out by other people is really made me feel so upset. and made me feel like she is just using me. In a way that my place will be her alternative home if ever her relationship with that guy will not work.I want to talk to her yesterday but she didn't come home again. Recently she do come home when she know that i will be at work and will stay home use my shower and cook my food and get some of her clothes and just left. She been doing that for a week already, well she did always do that she go eat and take a shower and go out get drunk, but she do come home at night even if she is too drunk already. In someway i know its my fault because i was quiet some of the bad thing she been doing. One of my friend said she become like that because i am to soft on her and i just let her do those stuff. So now she is making it worst and she think even if she just make my house as an alternative, that i wont mind it. Thing is i really don't like that kind of set up and i don't think i can live with that kind of set up. So yesterday i been thinking about what to do. I felt i had enough of all of this craft. I am tired of waiting for her every night and guessing if she will come home or not. I just wish she told me if she really don't want to live with me anymore. I will be OK with that, I don't want my house to be one of her alternative that's why i decided to do this. I know when i go to work last Monday she sure be coming home and will spend her day there while I'm at work. She will use my computer, eat my food and blah blah blah then when she will leave again later in the afternoon. So i decided to lock my room and took all her clothes out. And made a letter from her and told her that i took her clothes out because she will just get a shower and get some clothes and that I'm tired of that thing she been doing. And told her that i know that she been living with this guy and that i don't want my house to be her alternative. And guess what! I am right she did went home right after i left and one of her friend said she was surprise about the letter i left for her and that she took all of her stuff and left me a letter too. I read the letter when i got home. She said its not true that she is living with a new guy. And she said it is just her boyfriend. And she apologize about everything and she said if ever she will going to live with her new boyfriend she will going to tell me. I don't know what to believe now. I honestly not trusting her anymore.
Right now i do feel a little guilt throwing her out of my house. My best friend told me i did made a good decision and that she is not worthy of my trust anymore because she hide things from me already. And that she is just using me. My best friend also told me that i shouldn't be worry about her because she is a grown up woman already and that she will be OK. Well i hope that she will be OK.
On the good side though, I am excited because i will be meeting one of my friend tomorrow. He live in United States but he was going to visit the Philippines and that he will be arriving tomorrow. We been friends for so long already. I did met him online chat room ( gez! i already forgot what chat room that was) and every time he come visit here he will always make a date to see me and have a lunch or dinner and patch up things. Although we always chat online on Yahoo messenger it still a good thing to see him in person again and just hang out. Plus I'm sure he had a gift for me. And it is usually a gadget type of stuff. I'm a gadget diva so I'm am really looking forward of meeting him and looking forward of seeing what is his gift for me.

Monday, June 22

In memory of my Father

Hello to all the blogger out there. Since yesterday (in Philippines time) and today ( U.S time) is fathers day i would like to tell you all about my daddy. I know my dad is just an ordinary person. But like always every daughter or son will always say there dad is the best day in the world. Well my dad is the best to for me. Not because of the usual reason like his the provider and the man of the house. My dad is special because for me he is the one who influence me and the reason of what i am now. My dad is the usual strict dad that's one reason why i didn't have any boyfriend till i turn 19 years old. But even if he is strict and i know almost all of fathers are like that. One thing i really proud to say is that I feel so lucky to have a daddy like him is because he always believe in me. And he always tell me thing that a lady has to be. He always advice me or tell stories that will always stay in my memories. And even if were just poor when i was growing up. He will always be the first one to greet me on my birthday. He will wake up so early and will always seat next to my bed and wait for me to open my eyes and then he will greet me with a smile on his face. Its one of the thing i really miss every time my birthday comes. I know all of us are special to him. But i guess he do can see that i am a strong person. On the day he die, i guess he already knew that it is his time. On that day he did call me and tell me to be strong. He been having his asthma that day and even if his having a hard time breathing. He told me that he got to go, he said his sorry but he is tired already. And he said i need to be strong. And he ask me to take care of my mom. Its the first time i see my dad tears rolling to his eyes. I can feel its really difficult for him to do those things. I'm still young at that time but i know i need to be strong for my mom, my brother and my sister. And i been a stronger person after that. I was the one who help my mom with everything from providing food to house bills. I always help my mom. And i guess when ever my dad is right now he is proud of me. Sometimes i wonder how it will be if his still here. Will he ask me to get married too like what my mom always tell me. Mom said I'm getting old already that i need to have a family of my own.
I do miss my dad all the time. I do wish he is still here. And that he be right next to me on my wedding day. But i know in spirit he is here. And that he always look after me, my sister and my mom. I know he is not alone now too. I know my brother is with him always looking after us here. And that one day i will be with them. But right now i got to always be strong just like what he ask me to be. I admit i do get kinda weak sometimes. Well i am just human, i do feel down too sometimes. But every time i think of my dad i get stronger. And i am thanking my dad for being a role model, a believer, and a strict but loving father to me and to my brother and sister. Happy Fathers day to you Daddy!!! I always miss you and will always love you so much.

Monday, June 15

Happy Independence Day

Here in the Philippines we do celebrate our Independence day every 12th of June. And I know this is a late greeting but like they say its better late than never. So Happy Independence day too all the Filipino around the world and even outside the world. Living in a country that is Independent is really a big luck for me. My dad used to said before that I have to be thankful that the country i live in is independent. Since my dad was a Seaman, he been to lots of places in the world were he saw the different between an independent country and other country that is not independent. Being independent is really a good privilege. We can make our own choice to everything. From clothes, food, movies and Tv series to watch. And we even have the privilege of expressing out own opinions. We all have to be thankful to all those poeple who risk there life and even give there life for our independence. And we always have the heart to continue what they started. Lets always have our eyes open and be observant. Always have the courage to voice out what we feel and always be alert. Lets always practice our privilege to voice out our opinion and fight for our rights and dont be afraid to do it.
Just like what happened last June 10, 2009 where lots of Filipino people, young and old get together to protest the con ass ( Constituent Assembly). Lots poeple get together to show there protest. That's one example of how to practice our independent. And with all of the issues we been having like the Cha - cha. Lots of Filipino who have a heart of patriot do fight there right and voice out ther opinion about it.
And if you will ask me about my opinon. Honestly i really dont like whats happening right now. I really dont like charter change to happened. I felt it will only give more problem and will only lead to a big violence in the future. I hope there will still be some ways other than the charter change. I can see lots of people are against the cha-cha but i dont see that government is listening. Now i am wondering what will happened if its amended. And how will it affect our future as an independent country.
I guess all we can do now is just always be consistent in voicing out our opinion about it. And always keep our eyes open ,specially to the poeple who kept on trying there best to drive away our focus. Always have a watchful eyes and always Be aware!!!

Wednesday, June 10

Strike two

I felt this is going to be an embarrassing thing to write about and i been planning to write this since it happened but it took me days to have the gut to do it. Everyday i always took a bus on my way home from Ayala to Guadalupe. Usually i go out at around 5pm which is usually not a rush hour time to go home. But last Saturday i went home a little late around 8pm. While i was at the bus i didn't feel anything of that something is going to happened that night. All i know is i feel tired and i really wanna go home. Then came my stop, as was walking down the alley of the bus to go out. There this young guy who is at my front. I thought it is his stop too so i walk along then when we came to the middle of the bus he suddenly stop and the guy at my back kept on saying "excuse" repeatedly which make me turn my back for a couple of minutes. Even the driver yelled and ask them to let me out. then this guy who is at my front suddenly go back to his seat and i walk out freely. But as i go down the bus i realize my bag was half unzipped. That's the time i realize i got robbed. So i did check my bag and discovered that my cellphone was gone already. Although its not a very expensive cellphone. I did brought a cheaper one because i lost my cellphone a few months ago. I still felt sad about losing this cellphone. Things is when i buy a new cellphone i got to buy new simcard and got to inform all of my friends, colleague, family and relatives with my new number. Plus the upsetting thing that i lost 2 cellphone in just a year. This is the time where you really wanna say Oh! what the heck.
But then again i got to move on. I got to save some money to buy a new one again. And my work and lifestyle do really demand me to have a cellphone so i really need to have one soon. I guess next time i will really as in really going to be careful. Thing is at least i wasn't hurt when that happened. Usually they do hurt the person they robbed. So even if something bad had happened i try my best to see the good side of it. And i decided to right about this so that when other read this they will be aware too. Honestly i already saw their "modus operande" on T.V. It is where there will be three people usually guys who will ride a bus and will seat on separate seats then they will wait for their prey. Then when they saw the prey they will wait for the person to leave the bus and as person leave he/she will surely going to walk on the alley to go out of the bus thats where they will all go to the alley and squeeze the person then one of them will made a drama too interupt the person so that he/she wont notice that one of them is already trying to open his/her bag. But even if i already knew this i still didnt realize it is happening to me until i am out of the bus and saw my bag who is half unzipped.
I guess sometimes there will come a time that we are un aware of the danger that is lurking around us. And thats sometimes they do get luck and will catch us off guard. This will be another reminder for all of us.

Saturday, June 6

Rainy days are here again

Philippine is a tropical country and one of the season we have in a year is the rainy season. There are 10 or more typhoon that come and visit my country. Umbrella, raincoat and jacket are the usually thing to bring or buy. And with the change climate that's happening on our world. I need to always be ready that's why i always bring my umbrella with me.
Its been raining for a week now even if there's no typhoon that been reported on the news. And when there's rain there sure is flood everywhere. Some of the street in Metro Manila had been flooded and lots of people and even cars had been stranded because of the flood. I am a little lucky that our office was moved in Makati now. Makati doesn't flood much like other places in Manila. So i didn't had a hard time going home after work. The only thing that is hard for me to do it waking up in the morning, since its cold its really tempting to just stay in my bed and sleep. And the ongoing reconstruction of the drainage in highway where i past by on my way to work. Its makes me wonder why they made the reconstruction when they already know its rainy season. I just hope they will finish it soon enough because the construction is causing traffic that always makes me late from work for the pass weeks already.
But then again i still love the rain. My dad always say rain is the way the earth washes away the dirty of the world. My grandmother told me too that rain are the tears of the million angels in the sky. And one of my friend also told me that rain is the start of a good romance. But for me rain give us reason to hug someone a reason to enjoy the cool breeze of the wind and the splash of the water in our body. Most of the time i do enjoy watching the rain drops on my window. Just sitting down with a cup of coffee and feeling the splash of raindrops on my face. Its one of the things we have to be thankful to god. A privilege of feel the nature, and to be with the nature for a while. Its fun to just walk in the rain sometimes. I remember when i was small i always enjoy
going out and play when its raining. I always do that with my brother. We go out when the rain is really strong already and just ran around and get wet. Feel the raindrops on our head and splash the water on each other. It feel a little cold but it was so fun. One of the memories i have with my brother. Oh! I really miss him so much. But i always know he is in a good hands now. And he always look after me all the time.
Well i guess lesson is even if i always think of the negative stuff specially when I'm down. I can and will find a way to think of the positive side of things so i can survive. And with all of the problem i and we are having in this world were at. It still a good thing to think that God is just there waiting for us to realize that everything has a purpose and that there's always time in everything.
Babushka !!! and God Bless!!!

Tuesday, May 12

I love you MOM!!!!

When i was small i am really close to my dad than to my mom. I guess i am closer to my dad because he was the one who is always home and not my mom which was a usual thing in a usual family. When my dad got sick and always failed to get a job because he always cant pass a medical exam. My mom decided to be the one to work. That's why as i grow i get close more to my dad than to my mom because she is not always home. And as i grow up and become a teenager. Its my dad who is always there not my mom. When a parent is needed at school its my dad who go not my mom. I know its unusual. Dad suppose to be the one to work and My mom suppose to be the one at home and guiding us. And yeah i admit i do always get upset to my mom before because she is not a usual mom that i see on t.v or on like what my friend's mom do. She always yelled and get mad when shes home. I do really had a hard time connecting to my mom before. I'm always afraid of her. But i know she is like that, because work is really stressful. Plus with all the financial problem that shes dealing with. But even if its like that. I guess i still grow up as a good person who fear god. My dad teach me a lot of things a lady must have. And he always advice with lots of things. That i always kept in my memory and practicing until now. My dad teach me how to cook,wash my clothes, sew my own clothes and a lot more that a mom might teach her daughter. My dad is a strict one. He always advice me how a mature lady have to act. I guess that's one reason why i don't have a boyfriend until i turn 19. But even if i grow up in my dad guidance I will always love my mom. In fact i admire her. Because she have the courage to be the who to do something to provide for us when dad really cant do anything about it anymore. She took the duty of being the provider of my family. And when my dad die when i was turning 18 years old. She took all the duty of being a mom and a dad. I see her work and at the same time guide us as we grow more. I saw her get sick because of to much work. That's the time where i stop my college and decided to help her. She really don't like it but i did insist. I realize it is a best thing to do. She always get sick and the doctor said she is having fatigue because of to much work. I don't want to lose my mom too at that time. I had ask her to stop working and let me be the one to work. I let her enjoy life until now. I bring her to lots of restaurant and buy thing that i know she wish to have but cannot buy because she choice to buy food for us. And like other people say. " You will only know it if you step on there shoes". So now that I'm the provider of our family. I understand her more. I now understand how hard it is to become a provider. How hard it is to budget I'm glad i am still single and not like her who at that time have 3 kids to worry about everyday. We become more close now. I guess because we always talk about a lot more things unlike before. And i can feel now how sweet mom she can be. She always cook for me and wont let me wash my clothes most of the time. I just let her because i know she really want act as a mom. I do appreciate everything that my mom did for me. I know she do sacrifice a lot just for us. And i know she always love us no matter what. I did saw how sad she was when my brother die. I know she do miss my brother. I'm glad she is kinda recovering from what had happened. I know she wont forget my brother and she will still cry every time she remember my brother. I only pray to god that she will always have a good health and I will always love her. And even if i didn't grow up by her guidance She will always be the BEST MOM for me.


Saturday, May 9

How wild can it be

When i was on my way to becoming a lady that i am now. There is this movie which i forgot the title now. That really strike out on me. Its a story about a girls so is a very innocent in everything. She always try to do the good thing because she is scared to make mistake that will make her parent mad at her. She always do the right thing. Which makes her a so called perfect daughter. But as she grow and become a lady. She get to the reality that there's no such thing as perfect. And that the world is full of heartaches and pain. I told you about this because i felt that it is also my story. I grow up to be the perfect daughter. I always need to do the the right thing. I always need to be the good one. But as i grow up and mature i found out that the world is not always the good thing. And sometimes we go to make a decision that is really wrong to other people. And what ever you do there's always people who will judge you. At my age now i admit to be in so many relationship. Which i didn't regret to have because with all of the failed relationship i had but it help me learn a lot and i guess it did help me mature a lot and that the reason why i have a 3 years long distance relationship. Before i thought life is like waking up and doing household chores. My world just revolve inside my house But when heartache first strike on me and give disappointment to my family. My world just suddenly tumble down. And it took me 6 months of depression for me to realize that life is not as easy as like that. And because of that lets say i consider as a first big mistake i made in my life i become rebellious about life and love. At that time i really hate the world. I been to bad friends and people and i started to drink go out and just have fun. I don't care of my mom is worry about me late at night. I admit i did a lot more mistake on that rebellious stage of my life. I always say on what the heck i will do what i want. I don't care what other people say. I didn't realize that by doing this I'm not just hurting parent I'm destroying and hurting myself in return too. I'm thankful i still get to a time where i realize what I'm doing is wrong and that it wasn't too late for me to get back on track again.

Now when i try to look back and remember that movie again. I told myself that i guess its really meant for me to had a chance to watch that movie. And i do also love the song that they use on that movie. The "wildflower" by Skylark. I always have a copy of that song in my Mp3 and Cd's too. The smooth beat of the drums the playing of the guitar and the voice of the singer really give you the good medley for a good music listening. Plus i really get to the lyrics. Because for me that is how you got to treat a lady. Always be gentle and let her grow so that she will be ready when he come out to the world.


Thursday, May 7

Flu Strike back

Oh my I have a flu since yesterday. I try to go to work today because i didn't went to work yesterday. I did get bored yesterday so i decided to go to work yesterday. I thought earlier that i will get bored again just like yesterday. It was raining this morning. There a new typhoon coming it will be the third typhoon for this month. My mom was kinda worry about me going to work because she don't want me to get wet. She worry my flu will get worst. But lucky it didn't rain when i went out and walk through the car terminal. And i got a good ride on the favorite van at the terminal. This van is my favorite because the color is red which is the color i want if i have a car. And the driver is friendly and he drive fast and sharp. Plus he always have a RNB music on his stereo. It was my third time to ride on my favorite car. And i always enjoy the ride.
Hope i will get better soon. I don't like it when I'm sick. The body ache and headache is really annoying. Plus its cost money to get sick. And my mom get so worry about my health. She worry so much when i get since and my sister get sick since my brother die. He kept on asking me to buy a vitamins since i always out. Even my fiance is worry he said i always get sick. And i should make a time to go to doctor for a check up. I told him i guess i always get sick because I'm always out unlike before. I get close with pollution all the time. But i guess i really need some vitamins now. I know I'm not getting any younger anymore. I'm like a used car that need some maintenance. And with the swine flu and influenza A that's always on the news i need to always be careful with my health.
Our world is really changing now. Summer season ended so quick. Our weather is getting too confusing. With 3 typhoon already in just a month. When it suppose to still be summer. I guess we really need to be careful with everything that we do. And always have some precaution.

Saturday, April 25

Turn back time

I just watching the movie "17" its a nice family movie. Remind us of how important our family and how we always need our family. And how making decision really have influence in our life. Plus it also gave me something to think about. I thought wonder if i have given a chance to turn back time. What will i do? What part of my life will i choice to come back? And if i will do regret all of the decision i made in my past. The answer will be NO i wont regret any decision i made and it will be on my high school days. A time when i was just young and having fun. A time when i am so scared to wear a sexy blouse and mini skirt. A time were i am always scared to go out when there's lot of people because i am still shy when people look at me. And i love that time of my life, because my dad and brother is still with me. Two people i really do miss now. Plus it will be fun to imagine what will i do, going back to that time with a little mature mind that i have now. And what will i do? First i guess i will spend lots of time with my dad and brother. And will always tell them i love them both so much. I know from that time it will be so corny but if only i knew they both wont stay long to spend there life with me. I will take that corny away and just say "I love you" all the time. Then i would probably wear the very cute blouse i can see and just be pretty and confident of myself. And just enjoy my youth again. But i don't think i wont change anything in my past. Nah! i won't change anything in my past. I guess all the heartache and sadness i felt before its apart of my life that made me strong and some how the reason why I'm still surviving right now. And like on the movie i wont surely not change the choices i had made before. I know there did came a time where i was so brokenhearted that i kept on asking god why is he letting that heart ache come to me. Thing is i already know the answer now. He will take something we feel like it was so important too us and because God know that it wont be good for us in the future. He will take it away from us even if he know at that time it will going to hurt us. Sometimes we are too afraid to get hurt. We did know that by hurting we become stronger person. By all the failure we have we become aware of the problems that's going to come. And we then discover that there something better that is really meant for us. I didn't say this for the relationship purpose only but for all the things that happened in our life. Weather is about love, life, or personal decision. Our past is always connected to our future. The future is the result of the things we had choose in our past. Result that sometimes we do hate to have. And we sometimes blame other people when the result is something we didn't expect or want. And sometimes we do forget the reason why we did choose those decision. The reason why on that day where we need to make a great decision between two important thing in our life we choose this one, the one we know that we will be better for our future.

The result will always depend on what path you choice. And what ever things that happened to our past either it is good or bad we still need to thank god about it. He is our guide to choose the right path. The path that we will made our future be the best for us.


Thursday, April 23

Loving Mother earth

It been raining for the past 3 days now here in my country. It was summer and it suppose to be sunny as i understand what a summer would have to be. I'm not complaining since i do like the rain because it is romantic and cold. But lets look it all on a wider screen. The climate change and global warming is what we are feeling right now. Now i know to some of you do already know whats global warming is. With all of the books stuff and movies that give information about what global warming is I'm sure lots of you already seen it. But just for those of you who didn't know i did look at the dictionary and got this meaning of global warming. It state there that Global warming is an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution. There you go! Global warming is the result of pollution. Pollution that us human do everyday. From plastic container that we used when we eat or drink. And the plastic bag we use in our grocery stuff. I notice now a days that there are so many stuff that is made from plastic even the toys of small kids are made of plastic. In everything we do we always add to the result of global warming. I ones read that global warming is the result of modernization of the world. I didn't say modernization is bad. But we sometimes forget that we got to protect our home with is the world in the modernization that is happening in now. Let research things and technology that wont hurt our planet. Lets invent technology and things that will help our mother earth. Technologies will help us make our work easy and wont harm our planet at the same time. Recycling machine that will recycle out billions and billions tons of garbage everyday. Lets also start helping by using a recyclable plastic or using a washable bag instead of a plastic when making your grocery. Lessen the takeout food and just cook at home. It will be more healthier for you too.
I am glad the government is now trying its best to help promoting the environmental awareness here in our country. and the use of electric cars, cars that run with the use of solar power and cars that run with the use of water instead of gas. Although this things are still not enough and we as citizen need to help our government in this quest to help our mother earth. Lets be aware and participate in the activities that the government and some non-government organization are organizing. Start conserving energy like the electricity. Stop using hair sprays, air freshener sprays and other chemical that add to the greenhouse gases that affects our air. The air that we need and breath every second of our day.
There are lots of things that help us remind about how we need to take care of our mother earth. Like the Earth hour that was held last month March 28 where lots of people participate in turning the electricity off from 8 pm till 9 pm. And also the Earth day which was yesterday. This celebrate help us remind about how we need to protect our mother earth. I hope there still lot of this kind of celebration. And i do always hope that the real meaning of this celebration will always be in our heart and mind. Lets not be the end of earth day be the end all of this but the beginning of our quest to save our Mother Earth.

Live happy and always wear a SMILE!!! See yah next time!!!

Wednesday, April 22

Important of the word "I Miss You"

Last night when i get home from work i go straight to my room and lock my door and start fixing my computer. While i was inside and was so busy fixing my computer i heard my nephew Kyle knocking at my door and screaming my name. I just ignore it and continue on what i am doing. But he stay on my door and kept on knocking. His just 3 so even if i told her to stop what his doing he will still kept on knocking. SO i took my mp3 and start listening so that i wont hear him knocking. It took me two hour to finally make my computer start up. But it still have a problem cause after 5 minutes i will shut down again. I guess i got to buy a new cdrom and see if that is the problem. I felt so frustrating on fixing my computer. I want it to work so i can take my work home. Then i decided to stop. Open my room and just as i open my room i saw my nephew sitting on my door step still waiting for me to open the door. The first thing he said whats " Tita I miss you" I was so touch. Then he hug me and kiss my cheek. I realize i forgot to greet him when i came home which i usually do every time i came home. So i let him in my room and we both lay down on my bed. He start telling the story of how his day was. And even if i cant understand some of his baby talk. I can see that he did have a great time. I begun to thought of how stressful my day was at work. I started to envy him a little bit. I then wish i am just like him. To him everyday is always a happy day. Full of fun and laughter. And even if he always see me when I'm home he did miss me so much that he did stay to my door step and waited for me to open it. I felt so bless having a nephew like him. And i know i am bless having lots of people loving me. Even if sometimes or most of the time i do ignore them because of my work and the problem i been having all the time.
We all know as we grow up life become so difficult. But because we are so focus on how difficult our life is we started to forget that were not alone and there are lots of people around us who is just waiting to for us to open our door and let them in and they will share and let you feel how life is not really that hard and difficulties. Life also have its laughter and fun. If we could only see it like how my nephew Kyle see it. I know it will be so hard to see life in the eyes of a child. Kids always see life in an easy way. And we as we mature and begin to go to lots of complication of life we started to forget how we see our life as a kid. Sometimes when everything is getting so hard and difficult. We got to step back and look around. Try to see the things we still have, not the things we wish we have.
And we always need to remember that even just a simple word as " I miss you" can really mean so much to one person and will most make her or his day. Sometimes what is just simple things to us is very important and meaning for to other person. And by just doing a simple thing we can make other person happy. And by giving happiness we will feel lucky and happy too. Try to make someone happy or do a good thing to a person and you will see what i mean!!

Tuesday, April 21

Thinking about the future

Oh what a day it is today. I woke up feeling a little cold. Its summer but it did rain in the past 2 days. I hope the sun will shine today for i don't have an umbrella with me. When i went out of my house and walk to go to the cars and van terminal.I was surprise how long the line was and was a little worry i will be late at work. While i was waiting i enjoy my time by listening to my MP3. And while I'm listening i begun to think about how the future will be. Personally i don't really know how my future will really going to be. Will i be married to my fiance or something will happened and i will end up having another guy. I also thought about how long will i be in this job. And if i will get rich and buy my dream sports car. But definitely if ever i will have lots of money i will sure buy my own house first. It will be big and i will let all my close relative live with me. I really don't like living alone at all. I enjoy hearing people laugh and it will be sure and always be enjoying to watch a movie with someone than be alone. It wont be boring to eat alone too. Even if sometimes having lots of people around your house is really annoying. I will sure and will still choice to have my mom nephew and my sister with me in my house. But if ever and i will get married and move to America i will sure be very far from my mom and the rest of my relatives. I do feel a little sad thinking about it though. But i see it as a challenge. Living in a very far place and try my best to adopt the new culture i will have when i move there. Some of my friends are already there. And the first thing they told me was. I will sure feel home sick the first 2 or 4 weeks i will be there. And i really need find a job right away to make myself busy. They said America is a busy country. All of people there do have work. Unlike here in the Philippines. Looking for a job is really so hard here in the Philippines. That's why even if sometimes this job i have do stress me out i still want to stay. I also wonder how the economics will change in the future. Will it really going to get better of will it get worst. I do hope it will get better. And our economics here in the Philippines will get better too. Hope the new election system that the government are going to implement will really help us change the way our election works.
But no matter what the future will be for us or for me. I will still and we all still need to look forward in a good and positive way. And that we always pray to god for some guidance and help. And that we always have a watchful eyes to the changes that happening in our surroundings. God Bless and Babushka

Tuesday, April 14

What to do on a long Holy week vacation?

The Holy week just finish. And I'm sure everybody have a long and fun vacation. For most people who can afford I'm sure they did went to the hottest vacation spot like Boracay, Palawan, Puerto Galera and a lot more vacation spot in the Philippines. While some went to there own province and spend the vacation with there relatives. And to some specially like me just spend it home and rest spend the time with the very close family and friends. Although i felt a little bored after 3 or 4 days. I still have fun specially become my mom came with my nephew Kyle and they did spend there vacation with me too. We spend the whole week playing my psp or watching movies. There are times i really do wish we can go to a beach or a swimming pool. Specially when the sun is really up and we all feel the hot weather. I never been to a beach for a very long time so i really kinda miss it so much. And i do know it will be so fun id i bring my nephew with me since he never been to any beach before too. His 3 years old now and I'm sure he really going to love it so much like me.
I always check the new movie Fast and the Furious 4. It was a cool movies i always love to watch it because of the cool cars and the action but also because of Vin Diesel. His voice was so hot it always melt my heart every time he speak. Although i really not into masculine man. I still like him so much. But best of all i do enjoy the movie specially when they do went to the tunnel its really cool and exciting to watch. The rest of the movie is really superb and its enjoyable to watch.
Well this is just some of the things i did last Holy week vacation. I know to some people who is more religious they will say i should have used my vacation to repent and pray about my sins. I wont say i don't have any sins. But i guess in my opinion we should repent everyday and not only on Holy week. We have to think about God everyday and not only cause its Holy week. We always have to remember what God did for us everyday and every minute of our life. We always have to thank him in all that he gave and he is giving us everyday.
No matter how we spend our holy week either we go to beach or stay home and just relax. We must always give thanks to God, remember him always and do good deeds to others.

Tuesday, March 31

Singing back at yah!

When someone suddenly become mad at you and start to scream at you and say bad thing to you. Will you talk back and say bad things too. Or will you just find a way to ignore it and don't go to his/her level. Yesterday one of my neighbor started complaining and screaming so early in the morning. I was still sleeping because since its my day off i try to just relax and stay long in bed. But I suddenly woke up. Because there a lady in front of our house screaming and yelling complaining that we are the cause of his dog barking at night because we always go out at night. It was weird because i didn't remember i went out yesterday of even my brother girlfriend who live with me. She said she cant sleep cause of her dog barking when someone pass by her house. But i didn't yell back or say something back too her ( even if i really want to say "Oh shut the hell up"). I took my mp3 put my headset on and start singing. I realize she is an old lady and even if she have no reason to put the blame on me I know if i answer back this nonsense thing she is trying to build will only grow into a really big argument. And we will only both end up hurting each other. So i put my headset and start to sing. And try too cool my self down. She suddenly stop yelling and went back to her house. She still talk and talk and kept on whine about it to my other neighbor. But i will keep on ignoring her. And hope that by that way she will just stop whining and move on.
There are really people who is like that. They do love to put the blame to other. And honestly i am like that too sometimes. But i always do realize that what ever happened to me is not because of other people. Its because of what i did before that happened. But i really don't like screaming or yelling at people. When I'm mad i just keep it to myself. Yes i argue too before. But i really don't like screaming and yelling or making a scene in public. I like to talk things in a low manner in that way we can listen to each other side and see whats the real problem. For me when someone is already yelling don't yell back. It will only get worst and will only end up hurting each other.

Tuesday, March 24

Over and Over again!!!

As a person do you sometimes feel like your life is like a repeated song that goes over and over again. I know this will sound like I'm complaining, but i am not. I just thought of it this morning when i woke up. I just realize that i been doing the same old routine on my life for the past year and a half since i started working from this company. Waking up in the morning take a shower then fixing myself. Go to work, do my job, go home at 5 pm then eat my dinner and go to sleep. I do this routine over and over again everyday. Yes honestly i am a little bored. I sometimes wish that i can do something better or something extraordinary that will make my routine change a little bit. I know that me as a person should do something about it. But as of now even if i have some plan on what to do. There are many reason why i cannot. But after thinking about it for long. I begun to realize that i should still be thankful on what my life is now. First is because I'm still alive. God is still with me everyday to keep me safe. There are still lots of people who still love me no matter what.And i have my boyfriend who always there from me even if I'm being stubborn to him sometimes. Second is because i have a job. And my job is located in a place when i can just ride a rented van or a bus that has a terminal in Tagig which is where my house is and it will go straight to Makati where my office is. Its really is convenient for me to because i am just commuting. I don't have a cool car to use. Wish i do but i cant afford to buy one even a used one. But still if we only look it all in a positive way. Like what my boyfriend told me when I'm sad and down. You will then see that there are so many things yo are thankful too have. All we need to do is just open our eyes and look at whats around us. The air that we breath and all that's around us that keeping us alive.

Tuesday, March 10

Lost my cellphone

Its been my usual day at the office. Just got my lunch and are not going to continue my work again. Then i realize that i lost my cellphone. I remember i just put it here at my desk before we all took lunch. I look everywhere. I even put all the stuff out of my bag but i cant still find it. I went out and ask if ever i did brought it when i went out to buy lunch earlier today. But the lady said she didn't saw me holding anything. And i am sure too that i didn't bring it when i went downstairs cause i will only buy food for my lunch. My co workers notice me so i did told them about my cellphone. They all help me it locating my cellphone. I even try to call my number but the phone is off already. Because of that i am 100% sure that i didn't misplace it. I am sure that someone took it while I'm not aware of my area. I am feeling sad. There are so many important thing i save on that phone. I am glad i did have a back up on some of it. Things is i didn't make a back up on the phone numbers of the important people i know. Plus that's the only way my boyfriend can call me. I'm sure he will be so worry if he cant contact me for a long time. I hope he got my text on chikka. Telling him that i lost my cellphone. Another thing that making me sad is that. I did save some of the message my brother who just past away text to me. I save it so i can read if sometimes when I'm missing him. Plus its my first time to lost something that valuable. I am always careful with my stuff. But then again i guess i am not very careful now. There are times that i been careless too. Right now i just wish i will get over this and wont think about it anymore. Its really making me sad every time i think about it. I know some will just ask "why its just a cellphone?" Well like i said there's lost of memories i save there. Plus i use it at work. That's where out accountant contact me and my boss contact me if he cant go to the office and cant contact our office phone.
Well all i just wish is i will get over it easily and that i can find a quick way to replace it. I guess i should be going now. Time to go home. God Bless and Babushka!!!
It will be awhile again before i can buy a new cellphone.

Wednesday, February 25


Hello dear blogger. I haven't post again for so long its because i am still adjusting to our new office. Our Office just move in Makati and it is a long way drive to my home which is in Tondo Manila. Although I'm planning to move to Tagig where i used to live when i was still a teenager. We still have our old house there it just need some renovation. Bad thing is i still cant move. There are still people staying there. Plus i still don't have any money to rent a truck or a jeep to move my stuff. Its really is hard to budget my salary. Recently i been having so lots of expenses. And because of the economic crisis its really is much more harder for me to budget everything. So right now I got to just be patient and wait until i can have some extra money for the truck rent. Thing is i got to get thru all of the rush hour traffic everyday. And Its really is so traffic here in Manila. Lots of jeeps and people going to work and school everyday. I am just glad there LRT train that will take u away from the traffic. The only thing that you will got to deal is that there are so many people taking the train too so you got make your self fit to the crowed. Summer is already starting too here in the Philippines. And its Ash Wednesday today too. I just realize it when i saw lots of people have some black cross written on there forehead. So that's mean Easter is coming and it will be a long holiday again for us. It will be fun to go to the beach and just relax for a day. And spend my day with my family. Here in the Philippines we not only celebrate the Easter but we do Celebrate the whole week. Specially the Maundy Thursday,Holy Friday ,Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. Although I'm not a catholic now i still now Catholic spend those days. Some spend it for fun and other spend it to retreat and be more closer to god. I just hope there will be more people who will take there time and be close to god not only on those days of also everyday. I guess we should always have an attitude that on everything we do we always talk to god. Like a friend who you will always talk too and tell all the story and problems you have. In that way we would have any trouble making the right decision in life like we always do. Me when i am trap in a situation where i really don't know what to do. I just call him and ask for guidance. And always be open and ready to listen to what ever he will say. Even if you thing its not the good way. Just do it and you will know why God tell you to do it. We all need to listen and obey.
Well i guess i got to end this for today. I hope i can fully adjust to the new office and my new table. And get used of riding the elevator till 7th floor every working days. Have a good day everyone. God Bless and Babushka!!!!

Thursday, February 5

Hello Again !!!!

Hello again blogger I know its been so long since my last letter. Theres so many things did happend to me. I even Change my blog in so many way. I know i lost a lot of blog friends. Lets say there are things in my life that get worst that i got to fix so i didnt get time going to my blog. Right now im still working on fixing everything. Just to be honest i been depress while im away. Lots of sad things happened including my brother who did past away last year. I guess thats one of the saddest time of my life. Right now i live with my mom. And still working. Actually the work is the one who kept me busy and took a lot of time from me thats why i cant even update my blog. But im thankful of having a job specially in tough time like i am having now. I change a lot on my blog including the background and they theme too. I felt i got to go to what i am feeling now. I also change the title of my blog. I felt that if i make it much more close to my heart i can express more of myself. I really am hoping i can do post everyday. But i know for sure i cant. I can only go online when im at the office. I dont have computer connection back home. I can only get back to my connection when i move to our old house in Tagig which will be by end of February.
I did plan to start updating my blog at the first day of this year. But since i told you all that i don't have connection back home i cant. Plus when this year start I got so many work to do. So i really become busy. Plus the depression i felt. All did took all my time. But as of right now. I can say that i am on a positive way now. I try to teach myself not to be influence by bad thing that happening or will happened to my life. Talking to god and listening to music did help me get through all of the bad stuff that came to my life. Plus my family do help too. And my fiance Shane who always there even if i turn the phone off when I'm mad when he call. And also my friend Rea who always tell me to hold on and think positive. All of them did help me in the toughest time of my life.
Well i got to end this post now. I got to go back to my work. I got to finish some stuff before going home. God Bless You all!!!! Babushka!!!!