Saturday, April 25

Turn back time

I just watching the movie "17" its a nice family movie. Remind us of how important our family and how we always need our family. And how making decision really have influence in our life. Plus it also gave me something to think about. I thought wonder if i have given a chance to turn back time. What will i do? What part of my life will i choice to come back? And if i will do regret all of the decision i made in my past. The answer will be NO i wont regret any decision i made and it will be on my high school days. A time when i was just young and having fun. A time when i am so scared to wear a sexy blouse and mini skirt. A time were i am always scared to go out when there's lot of people because i am still shy when people look at me. And i love that time of my life, because my dad and brother is still with me. Two people i really do miss now. Plus it will be fun to imagine what will i do, going back to that time with a little mature mind that i have now. And what will i do? First i guess i will spend lots of time with my dad and brother. And will always tell them i love them both so much. I know from that time it will be so corny but if only i knew they both wont stay long to spend there life with me. I will take that corny away and just say "I love you" all the time. Then i would probably wear the very cute blouse i can see and just be pretty and confident of myself. And just enjoy my youth again. But i don't think i wont change anything in my past. Nah! i won't change anything in my past. I guess all the heartache and sadness i felt before its apart of my life that made me strong and some how the reason why I'm still surviving right now. And like on the movie i wont surely not change the choices i had made before. I know there did came a time where i was so brokenhearted that i kept on asking god why is he letting that heart ache come to me. Thing is i already know the answer now. He will take something we feel like it was so important too us and because God know that it wont be good for us in the future. He will take it away from us even if he know at that time it will going to hurt us. Sometimes we are too afraid to get hurt. We did know that by hurting we become stronger person. By all the failure we have we become aware of the problems that's going to come. And we then discover that there something better that is really meant for us. I didn't say this for the relationship purpose only but for all the things that happened in our life. Weather is about love, life, or personal decision. Our past is always connected to our future. The future is the result of the things we had choose in our past. Result that sometimes we do hate to have. And we sometimes blame other people when the result is something we didn't expect or want. And sometimes we do forget the reason why we did choose those decision. The reason why on that day where we need to make a great decision between two important thing in our life we choose this one, the one we know that we will be better for our future.

The result will always depend on what path you choice. And what ever things that happened to our past either it is good or bad we still need to thank god about it. He is our guide to choose the right path. The path that we will made our future be the best for us.


Thursday, April 23

Loving Mother earth

It been raining for the past 3 days now here in my country. It was summer and it suppose to be sunny as i understand what a summer would have to be. I'm not complaining since i do like the rain because it is romantic and cold. But lets look it all on a wider screen. The climate change and global warming is what we are feeling right now. Now i know to some of you do already know whats global warming is. With all of the books stuff and movies that give information about what global warming is I'm sure lots of you already seen it. But just for those of you who didn't know i did look at the dictionary and got this meaning of global warming. It state there that Global warming is an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution. There you go! Global warming is the result of pollution. Pollution that us human do everyday. From plastic container that we used when we eat or drink. And the plastic bag we use in our grocery stuff. I notice now a days that there are so many stuff that is made from plastic even the toys of small kids are made of plastic. In everything we do we always add to the result of global warming. I ones read that global warming is the result of modernization of the world. I didn't say modernization is bad. But we sometimes forget that we got to protect our home with is the world in the modernization that is happening in now. Let research things and technology that wont hurt our planet. Lets invent technology and things that will help our mother earth. Technologies will help us make our work easy and wont harm our planet at the same time. Recycling machine that will recycle out billions and billions tons of garbage everyday. Lets also start helping by using a recyclable plastic or using a washable bag instead of a plastic when making your grocery. Lessen the takeout food and just cook at home. It will be more healthier for you too.
I am glad the government is now trying its best to help promoting the environmental awareness here in our country. and the use of electric cars, cars that run with the use of solar power and cars that run with the use of water instead of gas. Although this things are still not enough and we as citizen need to help our government in this quest to help our mother earth. Lets be aware and participate in the activities that the government and some non-government organization are organizing. Start conserving energy like the electricity. Stop using hair sprays, air freshener sprays and other chemical that add to the greenhouse gases that affects our air. The air that we need and breath every second of our day.
There are lots of things that help us remind about how we need to take care of our mother earth. Like the Earth hour that was held last month March 28 where lots of people participate in turning the electricity off from 8 pm till 9 pm. And also the Earth day which was yesterday. This celebrate help us remind about how we need to protect our mother earth. I hope there still lot of this kind of celebration. And i do always hope that the real meaning of this celebration will always be in our heart and mind. Lets not be the end of earth day be the end all of this but the beginning of our quest to save our Mother Earth.

Live happy and always wear a SMILE!!! See yah next time!!!

Wednesday, April 22

Important of the word "I Miss You"

Last night when i get home from work i go straight to my room and lock my door and start fixing my computer. While i was inside and was so busy fixing my computer i heard my nephew Kyle knocking at my door and screaming my name. I just ignore it and continue on what i am doing. But he stay on my door and kept on knocking. His just 3 so even if i told her to stop what his doing he will still kept on knocking. SO i took my mp3 and start listening so that i wont hear him knocking. It took me two hour to finally make my computer start up. But it still have a problem cause after 5 minutes i will shut down again. I guess i got to buy a new cdrom and see if that is the problem. I felt so frustrating on fixing my computer. I want it to work so i can take my work home. Then i decided to stop. Open my room and just as i open my room i saw my nephew sitting on my door step still waiting for me to open the door. The first thing he said whats " Tita I miss you" I was so touch. Then he hug me and kiss my cheek. I realize i forgot to greet him when i came home which i usually do every time i came home. So i let him in my room and we both lay down on my bed. He start telling the story of how his day was. And even if i cant understand some of his baby talk. I can see that he did have a great time. I begun to thought of how stressful my day was at work. I started to envy him a little bit. I then wish i am just like him. To him everyday is always a happy day. Full of fun and laughter. And even if he always see me when I'm home he did miss me so much that he did stay to my door step and waited for me to open it. I felt so bless having a nephew like him. And i know i am bless having lots of people loving me. Even if sometimes or most of the time i do ignore them because of my work and the problem i been having all the time.
We all know as we grow up life become so difficult. But because we are so focus on how difficult our life is we started to forget that were not alone and there are lots of people around us who is just waiting to for us to open our door and let them in and they will share and let you feel how life is not really that hard and difficulties. Life also have its laughter and fun. If we could only see it like how my nephew Kyle see it. I know it will be so hard to see life in the eyes of a child. Kids always see life in an easy way. And we as we mature and begin to go to lots of complication of life we started to forget how we see our life as a kid. Sometimes when everything is getting so hard and difficult. We got to step back and look around. Try to see the things we still have, not the things we wish we have.
And we always need to remember that even just a simple word as " I miss you" can really mean so much to one person and will most make her or his day. Sometimes what is just simple things to us is very important and meaning for to other person. And by just doing a simple thing we can make other person happy. And by giving happiness we will feel lucky and happy too. Try to make someone happy or do a good thing to a person and you will see what i mean!!

Tuesday, April 21

Thinking about the future

Oh what a day it is today. I woke up feeling a little cold. Its summer but it did rain in the past 2 days. I hope the sun will shine today for i don't have an umbrella with me. When i went out of my house and walk to go to the cars and van terminal.I was surprise how long the line was and was a little worry i will be late at work. While i was waiting i enjoy my time by listening to my MP3. And while I'm listening i begun to think about how the future will be. Personally i don't really know how my future will really going to be. Will i be married to my fiance or something will happened and i will end up having another guy. I also thought about how long will i be in this job. And if i will get rich and buy my dream sports car. But definitely if ever i will have lots of money i will sure buy my own house first. It will be big and i will let all my close relative live with me. I really don't like living alone at all. I enjoy hearing people laugh and it will be sure and always be enjoying to watch a movie with someone than be alone. It wont be boring to eat alone too. Even if sometimes having lots of people around your house is really annoying. I will sure and will still choice to have my mom nephew and my sister with me in my house. But if ever and i will get married and move to America i will sure be very far from my mom and the rest of my relatives. I do feel a little sad thinking about it though. But i see it as a challenge. Living in a very far place and try my best to adopt the new culture i will have when i move there. Some of my friends are already there. And the first thing they told me was. I will sure feel home sick the first 2 or 4 weeks i will be there. And i really need find a job right away to make myself busy. They said America is a busy country. All of people there do have work. Unlike here in the Philippines. Looking for a job is really so hard here in the Philippines. That's why even if sometimes this job i have do stress me out i still want to stay. I also wonder how the economics will change in the future. Will it really going to get better of will it get worst. I do hope it will get better. And our economics here in the Philippines will get better too. Hope the new election system that the government are going to implement will really help us change the way our election works.
But no matter what the future will be for us or for me. I will still and we all still need to look forward in a good and positive way. And that we always pray to god for some guidance and help. And that we always have a watchful eyes to the changes that happening in our surroundings. God Bless and Babushka

Tuesday, April 14

What to do on a long Holy week vacation?

The Holy week just finish. And I'm sure everybody have a long and fun vacation. For most people who can afford I'm sure they did went to the hottest vacation spot like Boracay, Palawan, Puerto Galera and a lot more vacation spot in the Philippines. While some went to there own province and spend the vacation with there relatives. And to some specially like me just spend it home and rest spend the time with the very close family and friends. Although i felt a little bored after 3 or 4 days. I still have fun specially become my mom came with my nephew Kyle and they did spend there vacation with me too. We spend the whole week playing my psp or watching movies. There are times i really do wish we can go to a beach or a swimming pool. Specially when the sun is really up and we all feel the hot weather. I never been to a beach for a very long time so i really kinda miss it so much. And i do know it will be so fun id i bring my nephew with me since he never been to any beach before too. His 3 years old now and I'm sure he really going to love it so much like me.
I always check the new movie Fast and the Furious 4. It was a cool movies i always love to watch it because of the cool cars and the action but also because of Vin Diesel. His voice was so hot it always melt my heart every time he speak. Although i really not into masculine man. I still like him so much. But best of all i do enjoy the movie specially when they do went to the tunnel its really cool and exciting to watch. The rest of the movie is really superb and its enjoyable to watch.
Well this is just some of the things i did last Holy week vacation. I know to some people who is more religious they will say i should have used my vacation to repent and pray about my sins. I wont say i don't have any sins. But i guess in my opinion we should repent everyday and not only on Holy week. We have to think about God everyday and not only cause its Holy week. We always have to remember what God did for us everyday and every minute of our life. We always have to thank him in all that he gave and he is giving us everyday.
No matter how we spend our holy week either we go to beach or stay home and just relax. We must always give thanks to God, remember him always and do good deeds to others.