Saturday, June 28

Looking forward to weekends

Hello bloggers I didn't had time to make a post yesterday cause there are so many work to do. I had so many task to accomplish. And actually i haven't finish all of the task yet. Hopefully i can finish them all today, so that i can have a new task by Tuesday. I plan to go to pampanga today to and spend my weekends and day off there. I already miss my nephew plus i got to pay bills there too. I will go straight there after school. I have a cold today. I guess its cause of the weather. The office s cold with air conditioning then outside it was so hot and humid. And usually with my task i usually got to go out and do them. But i do like working instead of stay home its really boring. I feel im already adapting on this new environment again. Like i said before Manila is a very crowded place unlike in pampanga. I already stay here for two weeks straight and so far it was hard to adjust. I know i was born in manila but living in pampanga for 6 years. Its really hard to go back in manila and adjust to the traffic the crowd and everything. Well i do see all of this as a challenge. Sometimes it is stressing hehehehhe and i feel down, but i get over it after awhile and do it.
I guess when a person is maturing he/she got to get used of all of the challenges in life. Specially for me at my age i got to get used to it and always have a positive position, plus with my up coming plan to have a family with my fiance i got to be strong with all of the challenge in life.
Well i got to go and start working heheehehhehe I am sure i can post tomorrow. I can use my computer at home all the time hehehhhe. Take care..... God bless

Thursday, June 26

Long day at work

Its a long day at work today. I woke up 5 am just to get ready and meet my friend Rea who i work with too. We went to a very far place a met a client. It did a little while but it is ok. Was tiring is commuting. Going from one train to the next train. The weather is so hot too so that add to the tiredness. But i did finish it all and still went to the office. I rest a little. and my boss gave me another errand to do. For me having those stuff is exciting like a new challenge in a online game u used to play. I haven't play for 2 weeks now. I been busy with my job. I haven't been posting everyday like u used too before. Most of the time i hurry to go home cause i forgot about the time. And since i live with my auntie ( who didn't have any computer at home) i cant go online just to post when I'm off work already. But well at least i still post even though i didn't have in some days. But i guess people do understand.
I saw my nephew on web cam today. His so cute i did miss him so much already. I have plan to go to Pampanga this Saturday night after work to visit them I miss them already. Miss my mom and my nephew so much.
I do wish i finish the web i am working on. I cant finish it when i have some extra errand to do. But i didn't complain. Thats all part of the job. My co workers here are nice. They do tease me sometimes but I'm ok about it.
I got to hurry and do this post before my working time is up hehehhe. Another day will come again tomorrow. One more hour and i be rushing to the train to go home hehehehehehe. But well i do like this kind of life. Being busy. Right now i felt i have a purpose in life. I really don't like staying home and doing nothing.
Well i guess i got to cut this off. Always takecare all ... God Bless and Babushka

Tuesday, June 24

Been busy at work

Hi bloggers sorry haven't been online for i guess 5 days. I was busy with my work. My boss gave me load of task to do. But its ok. I love challenge. And so far i am doing all of them(well almost). I got my first salary today. It was excited i treat all my co workers.
I am ok at my aunties house. My auntie is a nice person and my cousins where nice too. So i enjoy staying there. But i do miss my nephew. I text them all the time. My sister said his son always look for me specially when the spank him. I plan to go to my home town this coming end of the month. Cant wait to see my nephew again. I will treat him to a snack out before i go back here in the manila. But i heard they plan to come with me here and check my auntie's house. That would be fun.
Hayyy i apologize for not posting for the last few days i always forgot it. Cause i always rush to go home. Since i didn't know exactly where to get a jeep. But now I'm ok already. I know where to get the jeep and where to go down.
my fiance went to a comics show last week. He said he had fun and had lots of drawings. I wish i could come someday when I'm in there with him already. Every time he say he is going to a comics show it sound like its so fun. So i am looking forward to go and check it out. I know i will have fun .
Well i guess i got to end this now. I will post again tomorrow( oohhh i hope i will remember it again) Takecare alll.. God Bless and babushkaaaa

Wednesday, June 18

Wednesday fever

Hello blogger its Wednesday and my second day at work wheewww what a day. I don't feel overwhelm now but more on worry if i will finish all the task my boss gave me. I am working on it one bye one. And i am starting with one web. Tomorrow i will give some of my ideas to the designer and see if he can do it. Then hopefully i can get my mind clear so i can assemble all of it and come up with a nice and professional web page. Its hard for a first timer like me. I'm used of making my own web and blog at home. Doing it for a job is more (hmmmm lets say) challenging. I hope i can do some job by tomorrow. I got to show my ideas now. And hopefully it work.
Hayy I'm still adjusting to a hectic and busy life on manila. In manila u got to ride a lot of jeep just to get home. Unlike in Pampanga where i only ride one jeep and i be home already. Here i got to adjust with people,traffic( ohh my here is worst) and trying to always make myself secure. When i got home last night i was so tired. My auntie prepare a food right away so i can eat and go to sleep. She is a very nice auntie. Thats one reason why i wanna stay with her. Cause i know i wont feel shy to ask or do anything in her house.
Hayyy i got to go now time is up for a day of work and tomorrow is a new day and a continues challenge in life. Take care all.. God Bless and babushka

Tuesday, June 17

Two days in a row

Hello blogger i am so sorry i didnt post for the past few days. I was so busy getting ready to go start my new job. Im at my work now. It wash overwhelming but fun. I am still here spending my time with my new co-workers. I hope this one will be fine and will work. I will do my best. My co workers are cool. I an now staying with my auntie here in manila. So amusing how things do change. Before i do live and manila and decided to work and live in angeles city. Now thing do change. I know try to adapt in manila while i used ot live in angeles for the last 5 years. Its the birthday of my of my coworkers. And Were now bonding. I am glad there as open as like that. I hope my job will stay long. Cause i really need this. Well i this will be the end Take care and besafe Have a good day And see u tomorrow.

Saturday, June 14

Feeling sad

Hi bloggers, A good and bad thing happened to me today. Good cause i got the job that my friend offer to me. Bad cause i got to quit my dressmaking class. Plus i got some small problem. I am happy that i got the job. I'm so excited about it already. But looking it in a big screen. I can see that i need a lot more when i start my job. First i need to get my cell with is at the pawnshop and right now i really cant get it.I need it so i can communicate to my auntie in manila(i will stay with her when I'm in manila)And to my friend too who i will meet this Tuesday. Second i got to have some money for my allowance cause i will stay in manila for a few weeks before i can get my first salary and go back to where my home is right now. I do have some money just that i had a feeling it wont last that long. I ask my mom if she can help me. But she didn't. And so far nobody is helping me. I am still thinking of a way to solve my problem. I know to some its just easy. But right now i really don't have a solution. Its really hard when u don't have a job for so long. I felt a little lonely. But i know somehow things will be ok. I know my problem is not that big. But what making me sad is when i need someone and nobody is there.
Tomorrow is Fathers day. When i watch Tv they all have the same topic about fathers. And it making me miss my dad more. Specially now that i need someone. My mom is a nice person. But in reality I'm more close to my dad. Plus my dad is the only one who understand me and give help as much as he can. He is the only one who always greet me on my birthday.I always run to him when i have problems. Cause i know he will solve it. Sometimes i wish my dad is still here. I really do miss him so much . But i know his more happy now in hand of the lord. He wont feel any pain. And even if his not here i will always remember him and love him.
I will end my post now. I dont feel ok to stay more. Take care all... God Bless and babushka

Friday, June 13

Friday the 13th

When i woke up earlier today. I discover that its Friday the 13th. When i turn the Tv on. They all talking about Friday the 13th. Like all say its a bad day when the 13th is on Friday. Well for me i didn't believe on that. I do believe that my life is on god hand. And as a child of god there no bad day. Yes there problem and sometimes things will happened to you and you will feel why its all happening to me. Well maybe it happened to you cause of what you did before it happened. What you rife is what you sew. For me now all happened cause it happened. I always believe that what we did today can affect our future. Thats why we got to be careful in what we do. And what we do to others too. And we should already be careful. And most specially pray. Prayer is always a great help. Let us thank god and Ask for his guidance everyday. Cause no matter what we do or have, he is the only one who can help and protect us. And also our life is in gods hand. He is the only one who will decide if our time is off or not.
I did went too school today even if I'm so late heheheh. My school time was 1 'o 'clock. But i left my house at 1' o' clock too. Well its cause when i check my fiancée if his online to say Hi before i leave a friend of mine buzz me. And offering me a job. So i decide to talk to her even if i only have a few minutes. Well we still have to talk more about it since i don't have time. I hope she be on tomorrow so we can talk more.
It still a tiring day today. The weather is making it more tiring. Traffic was worst again when i was going home. Since its Friday. Theres a Tiangge ( bargain Sale) in the town market every Friday, but thats now only the reason why its traffic. Well school is open too. So lots of people are going home the same time I'm going home.
Whewww tomorrow is saturday( weekends) heheheh no school. But i got a lot of things to do tomorrow. I got to login early too so i can catch my friend, so we can talk more about the job offer. So that mean i got to go to bed ( plus my head is starting to ache now) Take caree,,,, God Bless and Babushka

Thursday, June 12

Happy Independence Day

Hi!!!! Bloggers! I just got home. I been to the school. It was so exhausting cause of the weather. When i went to school i saw lots of people. Then i remember that today is our 110th Day of Independence. Whewww!!!! Its been so long. And still were enjoying our independence. I am thankful to all the people who fight and gave there life just for my countries freedom. When i was on my way to school i see lots of flag. But when i was on my way home i didn't see the flags anymore. I guess they took it away or some kids play with it.
I have a funny experience too at the jeep. I saw two young ladies trying to catch a cute guy attention. Well for me the guy is cute. But i can see that he is so shy and his trying to hide his face with his cap. I guess he do know that the two young ladies who is sitting not so far from him are staring and giggling.
Honestly in someway i felt like i cant do that. I mean to show how i feel to a cute guy near me. Yes I do have crushes on my teen life. But i didn't show my crush to them. Maybe its cause i am different. Or young teen now a days are different than my teen years before.
I'm still waiting for my fiance to login today before i go to bed. I guess i will sleep early. I was soo exhausted.I pray and hope it will be cooler tomorrow. Maybe a little rain would be nice hehehhe!! To cool up this hot weather. Takecare...God bless and babushka

Wednesday, June 11


Hello blogger its me again i just finish watching kung fu panda. And since i do love cartoon and kungfu i enjoy it. My nephew like it too. But since his still 2 and a half years old he get bored at the middle of the movie. and play on his own. I do enjoy watching movies. Thats one of things i love to do. I hope i can get too see the first Filipino cartoon too. "Urduja" would be an interesting cartoon movie to watch. First cause as a Filipino i need to really watch it. And second i like the story too. Plus i love Regine Velásquez, Ohh my I'm one of his fans.She was the one who give voice to the main character. I been admiring her since i was small. I always love her music and movies too.
Weather is still hot today. No rain at all like before. But i hear theres a typhoon thats going to come. I pray it wont be that strong like i always pray.
Almost all of the Filipino people are sad cause one of the great movie action star died. Rudy Fernandez is one of my dad favorite action star. I know even if he didn't tell. Cause when his still alive he always enjoy watching all of his action movies. I know all of the people in my country are grieving cause his gone already. He was a great actor. And all of his fans and friends will miss him.
As for me he become like a role model for me. I always see him happy every time i see him on TV. Rudy Fernandez was diagnose with a cancer. But every time i see him on Tv he didn't show that he is worry about me. And me i always worry. So he really do help me to be more positive. And i wanna say this and give him a part on my blog.To show how thankful i am for what he have show me and all the people.
I wanna say So long and Good Bye Rudy Fernandez. I know all of people who were close to you will miss you, But i know you are now happy and peace together with God.

Tuesday, June 10


Gezz its so traffic today when i went home. The weather is so hot and traffics are everywhere. Maybe its because classes are open today. Lots of student on the street trying to go get a jeep. It was raining when i left my building. I can feel the warm of the ground as i walk. The rain is not that strong so it make it more hot. Its really not hard to get a jeep even in school day. The only thing that made me a little tired is the humidity and the traffic. Actually Angeles Pampanga is not really as traffic as manila. I can compare it cause i was born in manila and was raise there too. And now i been living in Angeles Pampanga for (hmmm lemme think) I guess 6 or 7 years.
Ohh well i guess i just not used of traffic since its been so long since i been in a traffic. But even if its traffic earlier its not as worst as in manila. Like i say school starts today so i will be seeing lots of student when i go to my classes every Tuesday,Thursday and Friday. I'm not bothered though. But i do miss school days. Specially the excited i feel when its the first day of school. Having all the new stuff. Meeting new friends. And learning new things. Even though I'm in a short course of dressmaking now. Going to a regular school is still different.
I do have dreaming of going to school. Maybe if i will have the opportunity i will take up a computer course ( cause i am really so amaze about computer and i wanna learn more) or i will take up HRM( hotel and restaurant management) I dream of working in a very nice hotel someday. But right now going back to school is just a dream for me. But i didn't lose faith. Maybe someday i will have the opportunity.
Its still hot even if its already 8:57 pm at night. I hope it will more cooler tomorrow.
I will stay on my computer and see if my fiancée will log in. I do miss him today. My life is not complete if i didn't hear from him ( ehehehehhehe)
Well blogger i guess i got to end it all for today. I see u again tomorrow. Always takecare.... God bless and Babushka!!!!!!!

Monday, June 9


Hi bloggers sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn't feel well, so i stay in my bed. And slept most of the time yesterday. I don't know why i didn't feel well yesterday. I just feel kinda dizzy. I was guess cause my blood i so low. For i didn't sleep well for the fast few weeks. Today is Holiday here in the Philippines. Its our National Independence day. Well it suppose to be on the 12th. But my government always make a Monday or Friday a holiday if there is a holiday on a week, so that the weekends will be long and the work of school day will be continuous. Tomorrow is school day. All school will be opening tomorrow. And yes i will be at school too. My dressmaking class has been on since last month. Were still on making bags. I'm trying to make my project here at home so i can catch up while were busy making bags. I just stall home today( like usual).
Weather is humid since its still a summer. Even if typhoons are coming to Philippines recently. I still feel a little dizzy today. But it didn't feel worst like yesterday. I'm glad, and hopefully i will be ok soon. Ohh It still feel humid until now. I honestly wish it will rain to cool down the temperature.
My Monday is almost done. I will go to bed and start a new day again tomorrow at school.
Take care all... God Bless and babushka

Saturday, June 7

A good day

I kinda woke up late today cause i slept late again last night. I have a late night chat with my fiancée and a very old friend of mine. My friend told me i he and his family are planning to come and visit Philippines for a vacation. And he is looking forward to visit me. I did remember i had mention this last month in one of my post. I am just excited cause i will see him again. Its not only a friend his more of like a brother to me. We been friend for almost 3 or 4 years i guess. When he visit Philippines before He went here and visited me and we had fun. He even met my best friend Rhea who become his friend too. We went to a lot of places. I even stay in manila and he got me my own hotel room. I told my fiancée about it. And his looking forward to meet him one day. Maybe soon if i am settle in states with him. I can go visit him cause he just live in California.
I didn't do much today. I just play games and chat to my fiancée. Who he a little tired but always love to see me online. I got interrupted by my nephew sometimes but he got shy when he know my fiancée is watching.
I will only make this short cause i got to go out and do one last errand for today. Then i will go straight to bed. I have church tomorrow. I got to have a good sleep so that i wont feel sleepy when tha pastor preach heheheheh.

Friday, June 6


I just got home. I ate some bread before i make my post. But i do feel i have a headache. I guess its cause of the hot weather earlier when i went to school. I will make this a little short post. Cause i can feel my headache is getting worst.
We still doing the bag and were not finish yet with all of the 500 thats is needed to be done. So we will still continue it by Tuesday. I brought home the pattern for my project so I'm sorry i will be doing it this weekend. I realize its a great opportunity for me to catch us since all we do is the bag. Thats mean i can do some of the project at home and i can catch up too all of my classmate since my teacher told us to stop doing it and focus on the bags.
Ohhh my head is really hurting. I hope it didn't get worst and will just be gone when i get some nap. I do take some medicine for it sometimes. Usually when i have headache i just lay down and sleep.
It will be a long holiday this week end cause on Monday is still a holiday for my countries independence day. But school is here now. So people specially student will be always busy again.
I guess i should end this for todayi got to get some rest for my headache. Takecare all..... God Bless.. babushka!!

Thursday, June 5

Kyle's First Movie

I just got home from the mall. I was with my sister-in-law and my nephew kyle. We went to jolibee which is my nephew's favorite food chain.My sister-in-law is the one who treat us. Then while were rooming around we saw that Narnia II is showing. Me and my sister-in-law decided to watch it with my nephew since its PG 3. It was his first time. His so excited. He even ask us to buy a pop corn even if we just ate. At first he was quiet watching the movie. He didn't look scared of worry for a first time. But since he keep on drinking the Ice tea. we keep on going to the restroom most of the time. Then i guess he got bored cause of the long movie(actually its not that long for me) So get so noise. He scream and do his baby talk again. I change place and went neared to the front away from most of the people. But since his a kid he keep on doing his baby talk. Then a lady which i guess is one of the guard at the cinema came and ask if my nephew is the one who is noise. And ask if we can go out. I feel a little angry cause the movie is almost over. And his not that noise for a huge theater like that. So i didn't went out and stay. My nephew got a little scared so he suddenly behave and just sit on my lap and hug me. I guess he do understand that if he continue we will go out and wont finish the movie.
We did finish it. It was a nice movie. But i do like the first one more. When were going home the rain fall so we went back to the mall and wait. Then when the rain stop we went home.
I guess he did have fun. Although his kinda look tired. He always enjoy going out. I do like it when he experience new things. I'm sure next time he would know that its not allowed to be noisy in a place like theater.
Actually i suppose to be at school today. But i didn't went.I realize all we will be doing is just making the bag. So i decided not too. But even if i didn't i still have fun. With my nephew. Having his first movie. It was a exciting experience to him and to me too.
Ok i will end this post now. I got to take care of my nephew still cause my sister is not home.
my nephew is here on my lap now. and trying to get me out of this computer. So i got to go now. Or he will mess up my post. Takecare all,,, God bless,, And babushka !!!!!

Wednesday, June 4

Usual day

While I'm writing this i am still thinking of what title will i put on this post. i woke up late today cause i slept so late last night. When i woke up i login and my fiance is already waiting for me to login hehehehhe.
So far my day went out fine. Lots of straggle, but i know thats a part of life. I spend my day Playing cabal games. I went out too late afternoon to buy rice and corned beef for dinner. Its a hot weather today too. No rain like usual in the last week. I talked to my best friend rhea too. We talk about the job she want me to have but too bad i didn't get it cause her boss thought twice about it when i had a talk to him. It was sad, cause i really looking forward if having a job specially now. I hope soon i can get the job. It would be nice if i do. But i will give it all to god. Its up to him if he will give me this job or not, if not i do know theres a reason why. And something better will come.
I have school tomorrow . We will still continue making the bags. I just remember i cant do the project at home today cause i forgot the pattern at school. I got to see if i can get it tomorrow. If now maybe i will do some of the project that didn't need any pattern. I hope we will be done doing the bag soon so i can go make the project again.
Ohh what a day it was. And now as it end I am so thankful to god that he gave me protection and made my day nice. I am thankful too that he made my family and my fiance strong and healthy. Hayyy !! I will miss my fiance tomorrow, i will be at school so i cant chat to him.
My nephew is growing and growing so fast. His so talkative and noisy now. He scream a lot and copy a lot of things that we adult do. So i always told my brother and my mom not too do stuff that is not good for him to do cause he will surely copy it.
Well its 11:33 pm now i guess it time for me to go to bed got to be early tomorrow for school . Takecare,,,, God bless and babushka !!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3


Ohhhh !!!! I feel so exhausted today. It was a long day at school. We stop doing our project for awhile. Cause the foundation that is helping us ask for some help. Where sewing 500 bags for them. And they need it till Monday. So were rush, rush, rush!!!!Plus the weather is exhausting too. The sun is up and it makes the temperature hot.But if u ask me i had fun. I went to the mall too to pay my connection bill. And then i rush home.
I didn't had a chance to post yesterday too. Honestly i wasn't in the mood. I kinda feel down in what happening to my life now. I know i shouldn't. As a person who believe in god i should always be positive. But I'm still in the process as i always say. I still have some down time. But i am ok now. When i pray last night I cry and ask for forgiveness for being down. I got to be strong for me, my family and specially my fiance. Who really love me so much no matter what.
Right now i am listening to" Journey" by Lea Salonga. She is always my favorite singer. Her talent is so amazing. While i was having my lunch earlier i heard her song so i downloaded her song now so i can hear it more often. I feel that i can adapt to her song. Cause i know i am in a journey. A great journey of my life. Im listening to "I believe in You and Me" Its my song for my loving fiance. Cause i always believe in me and him always and forever(do i sound like I'm so in love hehehehhehe!!!!). Listening to music make me feel good specially when I'm exhausted. I admit I'm a frustrated singer in nature. I always dream of singing on a stage with a lots of people. Ohh How wonderful that will be it that happened. But i don't thing i can do that. I don't know if my voice will come out with all of those people around me. I'm a shy person ( Ohh i am just ask my mom!)
I brought some of the cloth that needed for my project. I plan to do it here so i can catch up more since all in out school are busy with the bags. I will start sewing it tomorrow. While theres no school yet.
OK i will end this for now. I will enjoy my music and get some rest. Takecare,,, God Bless and babushka!!

Sunday, June 1

Missed a Post

I didn't have a time to make a post yesterday cause of a very long black out that happened here in my place. It took up to 7 to 8 hours of black out. It didn't rain hard though.Usually when it rain hard that the usual time we had a black out. I went to the mall yesterday cause of the black out. It was so hot here in our house. So i bring my mom and my nephew to the mall. The mall is so crowed yesterday. I was guessing its cause of school coming and of course end of the month too. People got there salary so they are going shopping for school stuff. My nephew enjoy the mall. He did some funny stuff again. when were in the jeep he keep on copying the way the people sit around him. It was so funny to watch him. And to see to his eyes how excited he is that where going to the mall. When we got to the mall and enter he run away so fast that i got to catch him. He rush in to the KFC food chain but he stop cause he felt his going to the restroom. I took Him to the restroom, but the rest room is full. So i went out and look for other restroom. But he saw His favorite Jolibee so he rush in. I took he wont pee anymore so i fall inline to order. But funny thing happened. I saw my nephew taking his slippers and pants off and going to sit down to pee. I scream and told her not too. It was so funny even my mom is laughing and laughing i rush him to the nearest restroom. Glad its not full. I even saw Two lady who saw what my nephew did and they are laughing. Its so cute how innocent my nephew is. Then we when back to Jolibee and we ate there. Then we go home. On out way home we saw a barber shop so i went in for my nephew to have a hair cut. Too bad i didn't have a cam that time. His so cute and funny. He didn't cry like usual kids. He just behave and looking so serious. Funny is his just so ticklish to the razor so every time it get near to him ear he kinda bend a little. My mom laugh and laugh. Then we got home and its still black out. So we get ready for bed. And went to sleep.
Its the first day of June today and here in the Philippines its school time already. Almost all kids are getting ready for school. And lots of moms and dads are saving there money for there kids.
I went to church too earlier. I had a great time. I learn a lot too. I like going to church cause it always remind me how god loves me and all of us. And it always reminds me too how to always have faith to him.
It rain soo hard this afternoon.I got to close my computer cause of the thunder storm. Tomorrow my sister will look for job again. I do pray she will get one. Cause she really need it for her son. Her son is growing and will soon go to school too. I do help her at best i can. But recently i been having financial problem cause of my sickness. I am so thankful i didnt felt any pain since the last time. I do always include it in my prayers at night.