Wednesday, April 30

Home body

I dont know how to describe my day today. I just stay home. Clean some part of the house and take care of my nephew. I almost forgot to make a post. But I'm glad i remember to check my computer. Nothing much happend today. Earlier i was online in my messenger waiting for my fiance but his late to log in . He been to a late job. I was worry waiting for him. Kinda hard when his far. Most of the time i worry when his not online when i login. Or he do worry when I'm not online yet. Talking to him on messenger is one of the normal things i do. When he logout and went to bed. I usually stay on my computer playing online games. I been doing that route most of the time. My fiance always say I'm addicted to online games. Actually not only online games even video games or psp games. Well i kinda enjoy it. Most games are interested to me. And i enjoy playing those games. But when i know i got to do something i can skip the game and just play when i have time. I have other interest too like movies and music. I also like reading mostly fictional books and educational too. I love doing different kinds of things. I get bored when i am just sitting and staring at nothing.
I update my blog yesterday. I will try to put more stuff to it. Its holiday tomorrow. So i will stay home again. But i got to buy something for my assign on my dressmaking class so i be on late afternoon. Its humid to go out at early afternoon.
I guess thats all for today. I hope i will find the one i need for my assignment. I play one game before i go to bed. havent play for a while now i kinda miss it heheheh !!!!!!! Takecare!!! Godbless !!! Paalam!!!

Tuesday, April 29

Tiring day

A tiring day for me today. Been to school. I'm taking up a summer course on dressmaking and tailoring. School is fun but a little tiring. Someone came to our school too and fix some broken sewing machine so i brought mine to be fix. It was fix the old guy who fix it what so good. I guess his around 70 plus. While i watch him i tell myself i wanna be like him. Grow old but always look happy. He look so healthy even at 70 he didn't wear eyeglass while he work. I'm so amaze.When i got home i was so tired the fort able sewing machine was so heavy to carry. But its ok I'm happy it was fix. It will be a great help for me, specially for my school projects. Did talk to my bf for my a few minutes. His in a hurry to go to work. I do miss him today but well i will get to see him again tomorrow. It is really hard having a long distance relationship, but if theres love and trust to each other all will be ok. He leave in North Carolina and i live in Philippines. Time is so very different. When is awake and working, thats the time I'm on my bed sleeping. And verse versa. But we love each other . We been engage for 2 years and 4 months now. And I'm still loving him.Hopefully soon i will get my visa and move to the state with him and build our own family.One of my greatest dream. If that happened i will definitely going to miss my family here. My mom,Sister,Brother and specially Kc my cute and lovable nephew. His a cute guy. Everybody thought I'm his mom. His so close to me. So will going to miss him I'm i leave to go to States.
I guess thats all for today its 10:09pm now and i will get ready to bed.I plan to clean the house tomorrow.Hope i wont get lazy hehehehe !!!!! babushka for now!!!

Monday, April 28

A new me

Its been a year since i got save. And i can say im really a new me now. Before i remember when problem come i worry to much. I get so sad at only little problems. I remember before i get problem i lock my room and cry and cry all day and all nite. But now when i got problem i pray and give all the burden to the lord. I been to so many rough time while im growing spiritually. I guess also all of the heaviest burden that a person can have already came to me. One time i remember im so down i even wanna take my own life. But god is really a good one he gave me a family and a partner that will pull me back and wake me up to realize that "life is hard" But "Life is a blessings" Life is one of god gift to us. We all most be thankful about it.

As of now i know im still in the process of maturing. I still cry sometimes. But not like before. I do pray more and ask help to him. Sometimes thats we all forgot to do when we have problem. We do whine first and forgot to ask for help. There still so many problems and trial i encounter everyday. Most are to hard to handle but i know thru him i can make it thru. I can pass it all. Right now i look at a problem as a test in life. And my goal is to win it or pass it with good grades, just like in school. All we need to do is be strong and just hold on to that faith. And trust god. Those are the things i learn while i mature spritually in life. Faith and Trust go along together.
All we got to go is pray, believe and trust god. I know its hard but in life under the sun thats all we need. And thats what i am adopting in my life right now. Problem wont stop. So always be ready.
Well thats all for now... Always takecare ... God bless and Babushka!!!!!