Tuesday, March 31

Singing back at yah!

When someone suddenly become mad at you and start to scream at you and say bad thing to you. Will you talk back and say bad things too. Or will you just find a way to ignore it and don't go to his/her level. Yesterday one of my neighbor started complaining and screaming so early in the morning. I was still sleeping because since its my day off i try to just relax and stay long in bed. But I suddenly woke up. Because there a lady in front of our house screaming and yelling complaining that we are the cause of his dog barking at night because we always go out at night. It was weird because i didn't remember i went out yesterday of even my brother girlfriend who live with me. She said she cant sleep cause of her dog barking when someone pass by her house. But i didn't yell back or say something back too her ( even if i really want to say "Oh shut the hell up"). I took my mp3 put my headset on and start singing. I realize she is an old lady and even if she have no reason to put the blame on me I know if i answer back this nonsense thing she is trying to build will only grow into a really big argument. And we will only both end up hurting each other. So i put my headset and start to sing. And try too cool my self down. She suddenly stop yelling and went back to her house. She still talk and talk and kept on whine about it to my other neighbor. But i will keep on ignoring her. And hope that by that way she will just stop whining and move on.
There are really people who is like that. They do love to put the blame to other. And honestly i am like that too sometimes. But i always do realize that what ever happened to me is not because of other people. Its because of what i did before that happened. But i really don't like screaming or yelling at people. When I'm mad i just keep it to myself. Yes i argue too before. But i really don't like screaming and yelling or making a scene in public. I like to talk things in a low manner in that way we can listen to each other side and see whats the real problem. For me when someone is already yelling don't yell back. It will only get worst and will only end up hurting each other.

Tuesday, March 24

Over and Over again!!!

As a person do you sometimes feel like your life is like a repeated song that goes over and over again. I know this will sound like I'm complaining, but i am not. I just thought of it this morning when i woke up. I just realize that i been doing the same old routine on my life for the past year and a half since i started working from this company. Waking up in the morning take a shower then fixing myself. Go to work, do my job, go home at 5 pm then eat my dinner and go to sleep. I do this routine over and over again everyday. Yes honestly i am a little bored. I sometimes wish that i can do something better or something extraordinary that will make my routine change a little bit. I know that me as a person should do something about it. But as of now even if i have some plan on what to do. There are many reason why i cannot. But after thinking about it for long. I begun to realize that i should still be thankful on what my life is now. First is because I'm still alive. God is still with me everyday to keep me safe. There are still lots of people who still love me no matter what.And i have my boyfriend who always there from me even if I'm being stubborn to him sometimes. Second is because i have a job. And my job is located in a place when i can just ride a rented van or a bus that has a terminal in Tagig which is where my house is and it will go straight to Makati where my office is. Its really is convenient for me to because i am just commuting. I don't have a cool car to use. Wish i do but i cant afford to buy one even a used one. But still if we only look it all in a positive way. Like what my boyfriend told me when I'm sad and down. You will then see that there are so many things yo are thankful too have. All we need to do is just open our eyes and look at whats around us. The air that we breath and all that's around us that keeping us alive.

Tuesday, March 10

Lost my cellphone

Its been my usual day at the office. Just got my lunch and are not going to continue my work again. Then i realize that i lost my cellphone. I remember i just put it here at my desk before we all took lunch. I look everywhere. I even put all the stuff out of my bag but i cant still find it. I went out and ask if ever i did brought it when i went out to buy lunch earlier today. But the lady said she didn't saw me holding anything. And i am sure too that i didn't bring it when i went downstairs cause i will only buy food for my lunch. My co workers notice me so i did told them about my cellphone. They all help me it locating my cellphone. I even try to call my number but the phone is off already. Because of that i am 100% sure that i didn't misplace it. I am sure that someone took it while I'm not aware of my area. I am feeling sad. There are so many important thing i save on that phone. I am glad i did have a back up on some of it. Things is i didn't make a back up on the phone numbers of the important people i know. Plus that's the only way my boyfriend can call me. I'm sure he will be so worry if he cant contact me for a long time. I hope he got my text on chikka. Telling him that i lost my cellphone. Another thing that making me sad is that. I did save some of the message my brother who just past away text to me. I save it so i can read if sometimes when I'm missing him. Plus its my first time to lost something that valuable. I am always careful with my stuff. But then again i guess i am not very careful now. There are times that i been careless too. Right now i just wish i will get over this and wont think about it anymore. Its really making me sad every time i think about it. I know some will just ask "why its just a cellphone?" Well like i said there's lost of memories i save there. Plus i use it at work. That's where out accountant contact me and my boss contact me if he cant go to the office and cant contact our office phone.
Well all i just wish is i will get over it easily and that i can find a quick way to replace it. I guess i should be going now. Time to go home. God Bless and Babushka!!!
It will be awhile again before i can buy a new cellphone.