Friday, May 30

Happy for the Weekend

I'm feel excited for the coming weekend. It will be another day of rest for me. And a day to spend time with my family. I don't have much friends here. My best friend live in Laguna. Way far from here. I do hope i could visit her someday. I haven't seen her house there. And check her new place too.

I was in the school today. I'm 30mins late cause i got to go to the bank to check out something for my mom. I'm glad my teacher is not so strict. I am so happy today cause i finish another project and was in the next one( almost finish it too) My teacher did comment on me for being late. I felt a little upset too but. I took it for granted and continue. I try to see it as a challenge. I know i can do it. I will do my best just to catch on closer to my other class mate.

It rain a little when i went home. I heard in the news that there is a new typhoon coming. And his name is "enteng" I hope it wont be a bad one. I pray it will just pass my country and wont give any floods of death.

I will be playing my cabal game after posting. I have all my time since no school tomorrow. But i got to wake up cause my mom might need my help. I was hoping i could come tomorrow at school. My teacher will be there and ask us earlier if someone wanna come and accompany her. If i cant or if i will i can do my project and catch up. But i don't know if i will babysit my nephew tomorrow. If know i will come.

Saturday is a rest day for me. I will just stay home. But is something came up i might go visit the mall. I haven't been to the mall for awhile now. I might go to the park too. If the weather is ok. If it rain i wont.
Take care.... God bless and babushka

Thursday, May 29


While I'm on my way home. I was thinking of what would be my topic for my post today. When the jeepney I'm riding pass by the bridge. The sun ray glaze to my eyes. And then i told myself i will mention it on my blog. The jeepney i am in stop for awhile on the bridge. So i enjoy the view of the sun setting. Its been raining every afternoon for a week now. I did miss seeing the sun setting. I been always busy doing what i do everyday and i forgot how wonderful the world is. Just looking at the sun you will feel how god really love you. Giving u a new life to live everyday. Is already a wonderful thing to have.
I do feel a little tired today. Its a rush rush rush at school. I'm glad in already on the right track when it comes to my project in school. My sewing machine is not giving me a hard time. So i made 3 in just a day. When i got home. My nephew met me. He was so excited to see me. And I'm excited to see him too. I just sent an off line message to my fiance. I don't wanna stay long and wait cause i know he need some sleep. I been working so hard just to get me. I hope soon our dreams to be together will come true. I know it will. God have the time for everything. And i know theres a good reason why its not happening yet.
I did post right away cause i will play Cabal game, heheheheh. Plus i have school tomorrow. I hope i finish the one if doing now. I know i will make it on time. Im sure of it!

Wednesday, May 28

Tougher than tough

Its been a little tough day for me. I was up late again last night just to finish my project in school. I am still sleepy when i woke but i know i got to woke up and check my fiance if his online. I was a little late that to login cause i am still sleepy. The school and some problems are stressing me out. I do try not to worry but it seems hard. Specially if i cant find a solution for it. I wish my fiance is here with be. I guess it will be better. I know his having a tough time too specially now that I'm far. He wanna do this that he cant do cause I'm far. Honestly i am stress out. I don't wanna think about my problem but, Its hard not too sometimes. Having lots of responsibility and cant do it is really so hard for me. I hope things will be better. I always pray to god for help and guidance. But as human i sometimes forgot to trust him. I pray i will be more stronger. Cause i know life will be much more tougher.
I do miss my friend Rhea. When she still live with me. we always talk about our problem. At least i have someone to talk too. When i have problems. It feels better if u open your problems to someone and to know someone is listening to your problem. Shes a nice friend. Always there to listen and help me. I wont write a long post today. Cause i got to go and rest. I have school tomorrow. I hope the next project will be easy for me to do.
Another has finish and so far even if its a tough day i am thankful to god in everything that he do. I hope tomorrow it will be better. I know it will.

A late Post

Sorry that i will have a late post today. My computer is acting weird since yesterday. When i do something it shut down suddenly. I don't know why. I know there something wrong with it. Maybe its the power source or something. I hope i will be available to have a day to fix it. I haven't out any new widget on my blog since yesterday too. I been kinda busy with school.I started the 3rd batch of my project know. I hope i can catch up more closer. I'm only doing the first one. Most of my classmate are doing there 5th or 7th. But its ok. Glad i have a second hand portable sewing machine at home. Thats mean i can do other stuff here at home. I wont have class tomorrow. But i got to clean the house. Mom told me i got too cause our house need some clean up. I haven't clean much since i went to school. I was late today in school. But I'm happy my teacher came to school later than me. Its fun. I made some small mistake, but thats the part of learning. My teacher is a patient woman so i know i will learn. Plus shes didn't show any anger when we ask question. Which is nice for a teacher to have an attitude like that. I went home a little late too cause i got to really finish some of the project that I'm doing. It rain again while I'm on my way home. I decided to walk instead of taking a tricycle. It feel good to walk in the rain. I'm glad i brought an umbrella last Friday. Its good too that i brought now. It will be raining most of the time. And it wont be good in i get caught up in the rain when I'm going home from school.
So far today is a wonderful day as it always be.My belly didn't hurt too so I'm so happy. I didn't had a chat to my fiance but its ok. I guess he got to run for an early job. I do trust him. Actually i observe that i did improve more now than before when it comes to relationship. Before with my ex-boyfriend I become too worry he might be with someone.If i didn't get any calls from him BUT! now,,, with my boyfriend. I feel the trust. I know he wont do such a thing. Plus i know his a hard working person. Cause he really wanna get me to be with him soon. Hayyyyy i hope it will be soon. I hope this year everything will be fine. And hopefully this year of next year i can get my visa .
Well i got its time for me to go. I am sorry for a late post. And i will try to get more cool stuff for my blog(maybe by saturday i will ) . Always takecare,,,, God Bless and babushka

Monday, May 26

Sleepy day

I was up all day last night. I'm finishing the second project for my dressmaking class. I'm happy that i finish it i can now pass it and go to the third one. The third part will be more harder. Hope i can finish it soon on time. Its been raining every afternoon for 3 days now so the weather is cooler than before. Nicer to sleep. But i didn't sleep the whole day. I woke up around 2 to check if my fiance is online. I know he be waiting for me. When i login his not on but he do have some off message for me. He always do send off message if he will be late. I have a late job so i wait for him. I just play my Cabal game. Cabal game just open here in the Philippines so everybody is excited. That include me. The game is nice. I really enjoy it. Bad thing is my connection is acting up weird today. I guess its cause of the rain. So i been stopping most of the time just to reconnect again.
I had a good day at the church yesterday. I saw my Ate Carla. I did miss her. She said she had a great time in Vietnam. We did have a wonderful Sunday school class. And the preaching is good too. Although i miss our teach. We call her Ma'am Pam. She is the pastor's wife. I very kind and loving lady. Shes like a second mother to me. She is warm to be with. Thats why i feel close to her. Shes in states now visiting and will be there for a couple of months. I hope she be home soon cause i kinda miss me. Well we all miss her.
I can hear my nephew is knocking my door now i guess its time for me to go out and spend time with him. He do miss me when i stay in my room for long hours. He do likes playing with me.
Well i go for now before my nephew crash my door, heheheheh !!! Thank you all Always Takecare and God Bless !!!!!! Babushka

Sunday, May 25

My Weird Dream

I will share today a weird dream that i had. In my dream i live with my dad( which is died 15 years ago) and a Stepmother. Suddenly a strange guy came to our house and got a gun and wanted to kill me. He came to me and try to choke me. Then he put his gun to my head.I thought it was real that i can even hear my heart pounding. Then when he see that i close my eyes and crying he just pull the gun away and look at me. Then he just back off and run away. In my dreams my dad was so shock.And just standing ( which wont happened if its real). I do felt its my stepmother who is trying to kill me in my dream.Then we went to this concert. Which is my concert( heheheh of course I'm the main star its my dream). Then while i was singing a sniper try to shot me. The crowd got scared and chaos are everywhere. I was on a stage when 3 of my aunties came and cover me up. Like they are my body guard. In the crowd we saw my stepmother staring at me. And looking at the sniper. On that situation I realize i have a plane ticket on my hand that has a price on it which is only 300 pesos hehehhe. Then one of my aunt said i got to go and run. Get into the plane and hide. She even mention my fiance. And say go to states and look for him. Then i woke up. It was a weird one. I know i have so many dreams already. I told that to my fiance and he said my brain is so imaginative.
It rain again today. They said we have a typhoon again. I hear in the news that Philippines will have around 20 typhoon this year. I just hope it wont be that big typhoon. But flood will be everywhere again. I pray that nobody get hurt though. And that my family will always be say. I know i have a late post again. I was kinda busy playing Drift City. I didn't see the time. I did painted my nails too today.
I have a morning service tomorrow so i guess i be going now. I got to have my beauty rest hehehehhe... Thanks again.. Takecare all.. Ang God blesss.......... babushkaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 24

A Late one !!

This post is suppose to be for yesterday post. But since we had a black out here in my place i got to post so late. Its 1:57 am now. So this will be date to be a Saturday. But well i will still post some for tomorrow. As for today I did went to school it went out find. But i still got to catch my projects. So i decide to do it here at home since almost all of my classmate did cheat. Someone did there project for them. I hope by Tuesday i will find all the 2 project so i can go to the third part. The third part will be a long one cause its compose of i guess 20 to 30 kinds of sewing. My fiance wasn't on when i login. I guess his asleep. Since i login late so he might think i wont login at all. Its a rainy day when I'm going home from school. I got a little wet but. i buy some cheap umbrella on my way home. Thats why i didn't get too wet at all. Since its too dark the only places that have lights are some big buildings. I walk to my way home when i got out of the jeep.Its nice to walk in the rain. Its cool and it makes me feel better. When i got home its too quiet. My nephew is still pass asleep. He just woke up when the light comes out.
Well i guess thats all for now. I got to go catch some sleep. Its a cold weather here in our place so its a good time to sleep hehehhe..... Takecare all... God Bless and babushka!!!!

Thursday, May 22

Soaking Wet !!!!

I was suppose to go to school today. But i didn't. Thing is i discover my uniform is still soaking wet when i woke up.I cant find any solution to make it dry for just half an hour so i can go to school. I did made me sad. I But well thats how life is. Sometimes somethings do happened. And u just got to accept it. I do just hope i will catch up on stuff i got to do at school. I just stay home today. Its been raining almost all day ( that is why my uniform is soaking wet). I know i suppose to have my Ultrasound schedule today too. But something came up so i got to call the clinic. to re inschedule my ultrasound hopefully it will be next week. So far my day is all ok. I had a chat with my fiance. I do miss him already. His always so nice and patient to me even if I'm stubborn heheheheheh !!!!
My sister got a temporary job. She is helping our old neighbor to sew some school uniform. So she is out all day. And i got to be his son temporary mom. My nephew is so smart. He always made me laugh. I do like music. Earlier we were watching the American Idol ( Ohhh I'm so thankful that David Cook win). My nephew love to watch American Idol. Every time it start he always sit in front of the Tv and behave. He love music and dancing. Just that sometimes His so hyper thats my mom ( his grandma) is always yelling. So its always noisy in my house. One thing that makes me laugh is when my nephew always copy every word his grandma yell to him. It cute how innocent he is. He didn't know someone is getting mad on what he do. But he is a loving young fella. He do will kiss and hug u for no reason. And smile when he know your sad or quiet. Thats one of so many reason why i do enjoy baby sitting him.
Well thats all for now. I got to eat dinner. and get some rest. I been feeling sleepy most of the time lately. I cant sleep at nite most of the time. I guess i am kinda worry about the up comming ultrasound. I really hope and pray its not that serious. I hope you all do pray for me too !!! Thank you all... God Bless ... and Babushka!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21

Ohhh what a day !!!

I woke up early today to go to the job opening i told you yesterday. I was theres around 9:30. My friend said we will meet around 9:00 till 10:00 am. So i wait for her...... wait...... and wait...... then i was kinda little bored so i go to a canteen in front of the building. I am kinda hungry cause i haven't eat breakfast yet( i really don't usually eat breakfast cause I'm really not a morning person). When i finish i want for her till 10:15 am. And she didn't arrive. So i decided to go and check the job opening myself. Its a new building. They're on the third floor so i used the elevator. When i enter the office a guard came to me and ask what i want. I said i wanna apply for the job opening that you have here. He took my resume and picture and when inside the manager's room. He came back and ask me to sit down. As i was waiting i observe the place. I saw lots of computers. And i guess around 15 people with ages from 18 years old till 25. I guess there the first batch who apply. There busy chatting and surfing the net. There still lots of vacant sit at the back. I guess there trying to fill it out.
Then a lady came out of the office and approach me. She said hi and good morning and i greet her back too. She told me about the job. What to do and how the salary is.
She said i will just chat people and try to convince then to buy a membership to an adult site. She also said that i would be using any cam,microphone or my pictures. But they will give me a picture of a pretty lady. That i got to make a profile of her. Give her a scree name. Then i got to pretend shes me!... That one made me think. I felt like theres something wrong in what i will do in that job. But i go listen to her. She then told me how the salary work. I will get a free allowance fare. Then it will be a commission basis. Meaning i will only get paid if i sell some membership to some costumers. After that she dismiss me and told me i can start tomorrow at 1 pm. When i went out. I been thinking. I know i really need a job. but i felt like i will do something that i don't like. First i don't wanna pretend that I'm someone just for money. I felt that its wrong ( in my opinion) I guess i would rather sell the membership and be me.
Right now i just decided i wont come back tomorrow. But i got to get comments about it to my fiance. His more mature than me so he can give me advice( hehehehe I'm childish sometimes). His not online yet until now. But he did left some off line messages on my yahoo. I went home late around 3 pm and he should be sleeping at those time already. I don't know if he remember i be going to this job opening. Cause he said on his message that he kinda wonder where i am. So i will wait for her till 9:00 or 10:00 pm. Then i will go to sleep. I got school tomorrow ( I hope i can finish my project by tomorrow waaaaa !!!)
I will go now ... I will play some games while i wait for my fiance hehehe.... Takecare allll... God Blesss.... and Babushka!!!!

Unlucky Day ???

I know i shouldn't said this. But i felt a little unlucky today. I said it cause of all the stuff that happened to me today. First is, I almost got late going to school. I set my clock to alarm me at 7:00. Thing is it didn't alarm and when i woke up its already 8:00 am i need a few hours to take a shower,dress up, prepare my lunch and travel. So for me not to get late i didn't took a shower (waaaaaaaa I just wash my self, but not totally shower myself). I didn't prepare any food for my lunch too. And hurry up to go to school. I didn't get late. And glad my mom said they will send food for me for my lunch. When I'm in school. I was in a hurry to catch up to my project. I was so busy doing my project. And then i discover some of my classmate are cheating. Some of my classmate who are done doing there project are doing others project. I felt bad cause its so unfair to my other classmate who are trying hard to do there project. Then my teacher is rushing me to finish my project. I felt a little bad that she said I'm too slow. And she kinda compare me to my sister who was her student last year. Then when my lunch arrived late. So i ate lunch late. Then my sewing machine crash !!!!! waaaaa.... So i got to stop what I'm doing. When i got home. the rain start to fall( good thing i like rain) I went home so wet. Hayyyyy !!!!!!! But I know I'm still lucky. I'm finish some of my project. I ate lunch even if its late. I arrive safely to my house, even if its raining.
I will go meet my friend tomorrow to go to this job opening she told me. I hope i can get hired. I wanna try it. I play some Drift city game too earlier. I make a new character again. I deleted the old one i have. Then after i ate dinner. I check my blog. Hayy !! What a day it was.
Well i guess i got to go. I got to wake up early tomorrow ( i wont use my old clock anymore) My friend will wait for me on our meeting place. I hope i will get some good news on that job opening. Takecare all ... God Bless and Babushkaaa !!!!

Monday, May 19

Monday Blues

I just finish putting my wish list. I will make an early post today. I wanna play this new game i just discovered. I went to the Doctor today. I was so early . I was the first one in the line for a check up. The doctor is nice. He give me lots of info about my sickness. He said I need an ultrasound on my kidney and urinary bladder. To see if there still a stone and if there is how big or small it is. I pray it will be just small. Or no stone at all. I will be schedule to have my ultrasound on Thursday. My doctor recommend me to a good clinic. Its kinda expensive though. My ultrasound will cost me 960.00 pesos. But its ok. I pawn my cell to have money for that hehehehhe. Thats mean i cant take pictures for my blog for awhile. I only use my cell to take pictures. But well i will get it back soon. I just hope all will be fine for me. And i will be well soon. I got to talk to my teacher tomorrow cause i was absent last Friday. I got to ask permission too. Cause i be lat this coming Thursday cause of my ultrasound schedule.
Weather is fine today. A little warm, but thats as warm as before. While i was out i went to the mall to find a pay phone so i can call the clinic for my schedule. While I'm at the mall i saw this shop. I got curious so i take a look. It give manicure service. Whats good about it is they put design to your nails. I really like that DUH!!! I'm a girl... hehehhehe. I hope i can go to that shop for a manicure service soon. But maybe next time. Cause i really be serious taking care of my self right now.
I chat to my fiance today. Too bad his cam is broken so i didn't get to see him. But we did chat long. I guess his not that tired. I told him about what the doctor said. I'm always happy his always ok and healthy. I do hope my visa will be coming soon so i can be with him.
My day went out fine i get upset a little bit to my mom. But i will get over it. I still love her. Im kinda having problem with my budget. So its really tough for me. Specially with my health problem. So i really do pray i be well soon.
I will end it here now i guess. I will go play the new game discover hehehehehe.. I will tell u about it tomorrow. Right now its bye bye for me. Have a good day too all... Always Takecare.... God Bless and ... babushka!!!!!!!

In need for a prayer

Since i been putting a lot of stuff to my blog i decided to make it a three column layout. I did some research, and i am successful. I put some nice butterfly icon too so it will go to my modify.

About my day today. I did went to a morning service today. Too bad i didn't made it to the Sunday school class . Cause of my clock. In my clock its just 8:30 am(Sunday school start at 9:00am). When I'm almost ready. I open my computer and discover its already 9:45am. I felt so bad. But i still went the 10:00 am service. I learn a lot from the preaching. I learn about how important a prayer is to a person. And what are the things and people to got to include in your prayers. Sometimes we do forgot to pray. If only we all could spend an hour of prayer. Many miracles will happened. After the service i look for my close friend and mentor. Her name is Ate Carla. I discover shes in Cambodia. Going for a mission there. She be back on Thursday. I hope i could see her next Sunday. I know she is always worry when i didn't went to Sunday service. And i haven't been into Sunday service last few weeks cause of my sickness.

About my Sickness i will have my check up tomorrow. Thats why i got to go to sleep soon. I feel a little nervous. I pray it wont be that serious. And i will only take some medication and not any surgery. I don't wanna be in a surgery. Actually i never been to one. So i really pray it wont be that serious.

Well i guess thats all for today. I got to get some rest for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Please do pray for me. Thank you..... God bless and babushka!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 17

What to do on a rainy day ?!?!?!

What are the things you do when its always raining outside? I guess u wonder about a lot of things. Or maybe you will just get bored staying home. For me rainy day is a good day. I like rain. The cool weather is so comfy for me. I guess cause I'm a home body person. So its ok for me to stay home on a rainy day. Philippines, my country is a place where visited by typhoon every year. I remember before when i was small. My Mom and Dad always worry when storm is coming. When i was small we used to live in a place where theres always flood. Even for just a few rain it flood already. Plus the old house we used to had before have so many holes. So when theres a news about typhoon coming we always get ready to be evacuated. I was raise to always be aware of typhoon. I didn't enjoy the rainy days before cause where more busy preparing for our evacuation.
But right now. I am in a nicer house. Thats why reason why i rented a nicer house. So that i be more secure when times like this come. I am still aware. But not too worry like before. I enjoy rainy days now. Being with my family and staying home. Theres a lot of things to do at home. Play some family games. Or watch some movies together. its enjoying.
But today i didn't stay all day at home. I got to go out and get the money my fiance sent so i can have a check up on Monday. I'm with my sister and my nephew. My nephew loves to go out even when its raining. We went to a fast food chain my nephew love to go too. Too bad i didn't bring my cell for some pictures. My nephew saw the jolibee mascot the first time. His so happy. At first he was kinda shock. its his first time to see jolibee mascot moving. But in a long run. I can see he enjoy sing the mascot. After that went home already. Cause the winds is getting stronger and stronger. We brought some stuff thats needed when its raining. Even if i am in a nicer house i still got to be alert when some safe precaution. Its still raining until now. I can hear the rain drops are so strong outside.
Even if i do like rain. I do hope it stop. To much is bad too. I hear in the news about other province who had problem cause of rain. Some places are flooded too already. I hope everything will be ok. And the rain will stop soon.
Well i guess im off now. I got to sleep soon. I have early church tomorrow. And im excited. Thank you to all the people who come and visit. Takecare and God bless........ babushka !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay at home

I suppose to go to school today. But my mom said i should stay and rest. Cause of the pain i felt last night, as i did mention to yesterday's post. It was so painful. It last for more than 4 hours. I am crying already cause of the pain. It keep me awake till around 4 am. I saw my mom and the rest of my family so worry about me. I keep on praying to god to make it pass away. Cause the pain is so extreme. When i woke up today i feel so tired. I really wanna go to school. But mom was right. She told me it will be better if i stay. So i went back to sleep and nap for few more hours. I woke up to login and talk to my fiance. I know he is worry too cause i sent him an off line message about how i feel. I told him i am fine and I'm just resting. His so worry about me and wish he is here. I wish his with me too. Its good to get some support to someone you love. Sometimes it makes the pain go away too.

By tomorrow i will go to the doctor for a check up. My fiance sent some help so i can have a check up. I pray its not that worst. And i hope i will be ok soon. I don't wanna go into any operation. I never been to any operation before. But i know god is good. He will take care of me.

After i talk to my fiance i get some rest again . Then i went to my computer and edit some stuff on my blog. I do apologize if some stuff are not working. I'm still in the process. Hopefully soon it will all be settled. Added some cool stuff too.
I guess i should be going now. I got to get some rest. Im glad the pain didnt came today. That mean i will have a long good sleep. Please do pray for me for tomorrow's check up. Take care too all... God Bless... And babushka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15

Not feeling well

I don't feel well today. I just got home from school and was kinda tired. Then my illness do attack me again. I just got out of the hospital last month before i publish this blog. The doctor said i have a possibility to have a stone on my stone. I still need some test but i cant afford to have one right now. I thought the stone pass away already since i haven't felt any pain for so long. But now its hurting again so I'm little worried. I hope its not that serious.
I did wait for my Hun today but his not online on yahoo i guess he had a job. I did miss him. I wanna talk to him cause of our argument yesterday. I wanna know if his still mad. But i guess his not. He didn't stay mad for long.
Well i cant stay today for long. Im so sorry. I got to lay down cause its kinda hurt now. Takecare all..... God Bless.... And babushka!!!!!!!

Been Upset today

Oh!! Its been a tough day for me today. Some thing bad had happened that made me so upset.So i wont stay long and make a long post today.
Tomorrow i will have my school. I hope i finish my project. I did try to put some useful stuff on my blog hope I'm still trying to get more traffic for my blog. Tomorrow i will try to edit my piczo site. I haven't update it for awhile now. I hope everything will be ok soon. I always pray to god. I know he will always help me. I always pray for more strength to over come all my fears and worries in life.
I hope my blog will be popular too !!!!! Heheheh well its free to dream and have hopes..
OK time to go and get some sleep i have school tomorrow.. Take care all ,,,, God bless and babushka!!!!

Wednesday, May 14


Its 3:20 am and i just finish what i got to do today. I don't feel tired though. I kinda used of sleeping late. I guess i was used of the time when i was still working before. I always do overtime. Ohhh i do miss working already. I wish things here in the Philippines is like in other country. I wish theres no age that is requirement just to have a job. I guess if only its different there will be more job opportunity for a lot of people.
About my school. Its fun and exciting. I just had my first use of a high speed sewing machine. The first one i try was so fast. Our teach told us to make vertical lines and practice it to the sewing machine. Since the first machine i try was fast. i always made mistake. But good thing is every 30 minutes we change machine. There are over 8 machine to try. The second one i try was so good. I complete the straight line. But we did run out of time so i didn't finish all the trials i got to do. But well on Thursday i will have the whole day to do it. School is fun i have some close friends already. Thats why I'm enjoying it already. Plus my teacher is a very nice lady. She didn't get mad. She always smile and approachable. So if ever u wanna ask something u wont think twice.
Well i guess i got to go now. I got to go to sleep. No class tomorrow. whewwwww !!!!! Ok Takecare all!! God Bless!! and Babushka!!!!!!

Monday, May 12


Finally im done editing my blog. Gezz i took me a while to edit it. I hard a hard time understanding the about the rss and stuff.Well I still have so many plans to put on my blog. Something that i really like to do. But i will do it by tomorrow i guess. Right now i got to stop. I have school tomorrow. I have one assignment to make. Just one Pajama pattern. Lots of my classmates are asking how to do it.So it become our assignment.
About today I have nothing much to do. Im in my computer editing. Ohhh ... And i play some car drifting. Theres a new game i downloaded. Its called Drift Car. Its cool and fun to play. I even drove a car before so i did had a hard time playing it. I always crash and something i didnt complete some task specially the one with timer in it. But well atleasy even if i crash many time its safer that real. Hopefully i will get toi finish everything that i wanna edit. Next one i will do is edit my Myspace. I didnt put anything in it so far.
It did rain today not that hard. PAGASA said the strom is far already. But still give some rain in our country. I hope tomorrow it wont rain. I dont have umbrella.
My nephew misses me today, actually for two days now. i been to the computer almost all day. He always knock on my door and call me. His so cute!!! Hopefully too i get to put more pictures here.
Well i guess i got to go now. I play one drift car game then im off to do my assignment hehehehhe !!!! Takecare all.. God Bless.... And Babushka!!!!!!

A quick post

Hi all I will just make a quick post i been busy editing my post. I discover is not that readable to the public. So i change all of it. I am subcribing to some goof feed too for my blog.Im not totally finish yet. Hopefully i will get is dome by tomorrow. Whew i long day for me. My hands are kind sore now. Plus its 2:28 am now here in philippines i got to go to sleep i will make a long post about all that happend by tomorrow thank u ,,,, god blesss,,, and Mabushka!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10

One ordinary day

I just finish editing my blog. I put some new stuff on the header. And change the color of some of the fonts too. I change my cursor too. I wanna do more but i didnt know much about html coding. Im still learning. I will do more editing and will put more stuff when i can. I will just finish posting and check my other sites. I will edit my piczo tomorrow. Have lots to edit there. and will put some new picture too. Tomorrow is saturday a weekends again. I hope i could see and chat my fiance again like earlier. I log in early like usual and he congratulate me. He always tease me like that. My nephew knew so many stuff now. He can say Tita(auntie) now. And even say other words. It fun just to watch him. I hope tomorrow i can finish editing my piczo right away. I wanna play some games next week. And i got to do my assignment too.
Im doing good in my school so far. Just a little tiring. Cause i need to stand up most of the time. I chat to some of my friends too. Had a chat to ron my close friend who live in states. His like a brother to me. His a funny guy and cool to be with. I cht to my best friend Rhea. I miss her already. Im glad she's doing ok.
I guess its time to go now i got to check my piczo before turn my computer off. Im hearing my nephew saying baby talk while looking at some old pictures. His fun to hear. Takecare all and God bless.. .... Mabushka!!!

Friday, May 9

My feet hurts

Ohhh My feet is hurting today. Had a long day at school been standing the whole class. I got to stand when i do patterns for some clothes. The table is kinda high. And today we made around 6 dress layout for the dart and one lady pants pattern which too so long to do. Glad my teacher didn't ask for my teacher didn't ask for some help today. I went home right away. Its a little traffic on my way home. The i got to walk 4 to 5 block to my house. When i got home i rest a lil while and login to say hi to my fiance before he go to work. I told her i will pawn my cell too. I got to pawn it i don't have allowance for school next week.
The pawn only gave me 1000pesos for it. I accept its because i feel much safer there than the first one i went which did give me around 2500pesos. But they didn't do the rule on pawning. Well hope this money could help and will stay till i get allowance again. Hayy so hard when u don't have a job. Here in the Philippines is hard to get a job specially when your turning 30 like me. They put age rank on jobs so as u grow older the less opportunity for u to get a job.
I edit my blog today too i put some moving lyrics for people to sing along with my video. Its kinda easy to do so im all done for now. Im still looking for some ideas to put to make my blog cool.
Hmmmm I got to go now. I got to rest my feet i will babysit my nephew tomorrow. Cause my sister will look for some job again. I pray she will find one. She really need it for his son. Well got to go.... Im tired and sleepy now!!!! Takecare alll... God Blesss.... Babushka!!!!

Wednesday, May 7

Ordinary day

This will be a quick post. I just finish my picture trail. All of u who wanna check it out can come at visit At last i did finish it. But i will put more picture there. So hope u all come and check it out. And don't forget to give comments and Sign on my Guest book.
My day is just fine a simple day for me. Usual thing. Edit my picturetrail like i said earlier I didn't babysit my nephew cause his mom is home. I ask mom to pay the water but she kinda didn't understand it so she went to the market and used the money i gave her... heheheh. Not cool but its ok it happened already nothing i can do anymore.At least we have food for a long time. Bad things is i don't know how to pay the water now.. heheheh. But i will get some answer about it soon. I plan to post a quick one cause i got to do my assignment for tomorrow school. I pray i wont have any mistake.
Well i guess thats all for now i got to do my assignment. I got to do 6 kinds of pattern for a dress. So that will took long.Thats mean i will go for now.... Takecare all ... God Bless... And Babushka!!!!

No time yesterday

I was so busy yesterday i didn't had time to make a post. So i got to catch up tonight before i go to bed. Yesterday i was busy editing my picturetrail (AGAIN!!!) ... I had a hard time doing one Html code so it too all my time. But i did it. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I went to school today. Almost got late,,,gez!!!!!!! I thought its just 7am so I'm still sitting and relaxing.. Then i just realize its 8:30 am already and my call time is 9:00 am.... waaaaaaaa so i got to rush . Glad my teacher is not here yet,,, so thats a good sign.
A long day at school. We did lots of pattern from different kinds of collar to different kinds of skirt. I had fun and i finish all of the works. The teacher gave us an assignment again so i got to do it tomorrow too. It will be just a simple one. I'm just having a hard time doing it cause if my nephew kyle is around he always try to mess things up. So its taking me so long. Well his just a baby... his only 2 years and 4 months old. So his so curious on a lot of things ( well actually on everything)
My sister didn't get the job. The company said they will call her if theres any vacancy. I hope it will be soon. I'm due is some of my bills this week. But i all have faith to god. Theres always time for everything. And only god knows it. All i do is pray for it. And i know he will help me get thru like always.
Well i got to go from now. I will try my best to make a post tomorrow. Lots of things to do. ...Takecare .... Godbless to all ,,,,, and Babushka

Monday, May 5

Black out

Oh my !! I didn't get a chance to make a post yesterday cause of the black out. Gezz!!!! So now i have a day without post. But like they say" Thats life". Things happened and all have a reason why. I am busy editing my picturetrail. You can all check it out. I put lots of cool pictures and stuff there. I went out yesterday before the black out. It was raining yesterday too so its kinda cold. I spend my time chatting to my sister and playing with my nephew while theres black out. oh and enjoying eating Sweet corn with my nephew while black out. Then when light comes out my fiance called . He do is somethings just call when he miss me. We haven't talk much since I'm going to school and his working double job. I went home a little late. But i did woke up in time for my service in the church. I miss 3 Sunday service since i got sick. My friends at the church do ask how i am. Ate Carla the one who witness to my baptismal was happy to see me. He hug me. And she even announce to the Sunday bible school that i been having some small ailment. Last 3 weeks ago my sister took me to the hospital cause of a sever pain. The doctor said. There a possibility that i have stone on my bladder. So now i got to save money to go to a specialist for some more test. I hope the stone did pass away. I am praying for it. I haven't have any pain for weeks now. So i guess thats a good sign.
After church i edit my picturetrail again. And wait for my fiance .. Usual his late again heheh.. Sleeping. He been tired a long with for him. We chat for few hours. and log off . cause i got to go to a birthday party with my sister and nephew. We spends a few hours there and went home. Back to editing again. And listening to some music i just download. Im listening to "Looking through your eye" by Leann Rimes. I been sining it i guess most of the time for a few weeks now. So i decided to download it. I plan to put it on my cellphone,,, hehehhe!!!
Well i guess thats all for now. Its 2:07 am now and i got to get some sleep. I thank lord for all of the blessing he gave me today and for a very wonderful day!!!.... Takecare all!!!... God Bless and Babushka!!!!

Friday, May 2

Busy day !?!?!?!

Ohhh !!!! what a busy day for me. I woke up right in to to go prepare myself and go to school. Mom ask me for an errand so i leave early. But before i leave i check and see if my fiance is online. His not on again. i wait a few minutes but he didn't respond to my message. So i decided to leave. Weather is still hot (of course its summer DUH!!) So i get a tricycle to go to the jeepney station. Transportation here in Angeles pampanga is good unlike in many Gezz so hectic there. So i got a jeep right away. Did what mom ask me to do. And got to school 30 minutes early. Nice !!! Isn't it!?!??! While in a class i discover the assign i made last night had some mistake ( grrrr !!!! i got to do it all over again ... waaaaaaaaa!!!) Whew dressmaking is so hard in some way. Lots of design to make so lots of pattern to do. But its ok its enjoying. Actually i cant wait to actually do the sewing. That will be exciting for me heheheh!!!. When its time to go i got to drop by to a school and office supplies to by a cheaper Cardboard. My teacher said the one i used before is so hard. After that i was so hungry. I saw a jollibee store so i go there to eat. I just got the cheapest one. I kinda afraid to eat in a small food store. Now a days they say its kinda dirty. Since i got sick I'm always careful in what i eat. As i walk my way home i saw a guy to sell corn so i brought one for my cute nephew. He loves corn . When I'm home. I rest a bit and open my computer. Got to check if my fiance is on again! And Whewww.. not on again ,,,, Bwahahhaha . Well proverbly sleeping. So while waiting i decided to try and edit my post yesterday... gezz took me an hour to edit the picture. I want it in good aligning. I'm not that good is html code yet but I'm getting better.
At last my fiance buzz (whew) As i thought his sleeping. We chat a few hour. Then he got to go and work again. I know to some having a relationship like this is hard. But I'm used to it. Got to have the trust and love always. And Got to hold on to god. He always have plans in everything.
Tomorrow is Saturday ,, Yahoo's !!!!!! weekends is here yiiiipppeeee!!!!! Mom told me she will go to manila tomorrow so i will be babysitting my nephew. And i will redo my assignment.
I guess thats all for now. So far i have a very good day. Im thanking god for it. Takacare to all of you. God Bless and Babushka!!!!!

Happy day

My nephew Kyle

Kyle smelling the flower

Kyle and his Mom

Me and Kyle

I woke up late today. Going to restroom to pee always wakes me on all night. But its ok not much thing to do today since its a holiday. My fiance is late to login again he have problem with connection. I text him and he reply. I love him that way. He always try his best to info me. In that way I'm not worrying to much. We went out too around 4 pm. Me, my sister and his son. Its fun we went to the park, then went to the mall which is nearby. I took some picture.I put some of them here. I already got the stuff i need for my assignment tomorrow. Gezz !!! I got to do it this late at night after i post my blog. But its ok my class start around 1:00 pm so i can wake up a little late. Before i make a post i try to register to a close beta trial of a new game i found. I will put it on my list when it start. I'm lucky i got an invitation and they gave me an Id and password to use. Thats mean I'm "IN" !!!! Whew !!!

Had a long chat to my best friend too her name is Rhea. She's a very nice friend to have. She understand me to anything and support me always. She used to live with me but now she live in Laguna which is a bit far from me. I told her i plan to visit her soon. I hope it will be sooner. I wanna see her place. I kinda miss her too so much. Shes always supportive to everything i do. And understanding too. Shes always in my prayer !!!

Well i got to go now got to do my assignment to get some rest. Enjoy the photos i took while where out and see how cute and adorable my Nephew Kyle !!!! Takecare God Bless and Babushka!!!!!!