Wednesday, November 11

What happened after the flood

Hello again all my dear bloggers. I know i been away for so long right after my post about what typhoon ondoy and typhoon pepe did to my house. I been busy at work with some new task that had been added to what i been doing before. Plus the rebuilding of my house after the flood. Then my Boss just arrived last week so thing at work got too busy. Everything was in a rush at week last week. But im glad i did get time to make a post today. My life like i said had been more busy after the flood. I am back at home now and my house is in the process of reconstruction this are the thing thats is making me be believe that in the darkest time of your life there will be a light that will always come to shine. I am bless to have friends who did realy helped me on my darkest days. A fiance who did his best to help me and a family who are alwasy there to keep me standing. One thing that help me not to think about all of this problem is my job. Because i was so busy i didnt feel or even have the time to pity myself. I can proudly say i did learn a lot about life now and have a greater trust to the lord.
Haloween also arrived and it was the birthday of my brother who pass away last year. I went to the cementary which is a tradition here in the philippines. I went with my mom and nephew. It was a different experience for me. It was my first time to go to a big cementary. We all did miss my brother when we left the cementary we went home and had a small dinner. Some of my relative went to our house because its was the birthday of my sister boyfriend too so they mad a small celebration. The 1st year anniversary of his death is also coming so we are preparing for it.
Christmas is also coming. I notice lots of building establishment and houses already put up there christmas decoration. Me I havent i guess i dont have time yet plus like i said my house is still in the process or reconstruction. Only the half of my house is finsih. I still need to find some money to continue the recontruction.
Well i guess i will end my post now. I got to do more job before the time to go home comes. God Bless to all of you!!!!

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