Wednesday, December 16

Christmas breeze is here

Hello again my fellow bloggers. Its the month of December now and I'm sure all of us already feel the cold breeze of Christmas. This is the time of the year where i always need to heat up the water from my shower. A time where its so hard for me to get up in the morning because i really love and enjoy staying under those warm blanket. I enjoy looking at all of the Christmas decoration i always see outside my house. And at night all the Christmas light that are dancing and twinkling. Decoration that show the creativity of the Filipinos. From our native Parol to the different kinds of Christmas Tree surrounding with decoration and Christmas lights. Also the Christmas rush. Lots of people are busy going to stores and shops to buy gifts and give away and traffics are everywhere.
But theirs one thing that is different to me this coming Christmas. This is the first time that i felt this kind of excitement. I'm excited to buy gifts for all the people that i love. Because honestly I'm not really a gift giving person or let say i really didn't have that kind of spirit before. I really don't know what did happened to me, i guess i am just bursting with positive things that is why i want to share all of the blessings and happiness that i feel today. I feel so bless even with the recent flood that destroy my house. There are lots of things that i want to give thanks to god.
Then i have 2 Christmas party to attend too. One is this coming Saturday which is with my co workers and friends back at the office and the other one is back home with some of my close neighbors. It will sure be a fun party for me. And i am looking forward to it. Christmas is really the best time of the year. Christmas is the time we always get reminded how to help and love each other. Its also the time of get together and reunion of the family and friends. A time where we always remember to give gifts to our love ones. And most of all it is the Birthday of our lord Jesus Christ a very special day to all of us. And also a day for us to be thankful for all of the blessing we have all through the years.

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Mga Epal said...

Nanggigising ng mga tulog pa ngayong 2010! post naman tyo jan..