Tuesday, January 26

Something new this New Year

Last year what a little rough year for me and i guess for some of you too. With lots of struggles and obstacles I'm glad that i did made it through. And now that I'm looking forward to a new and better year. I know year 2010 is just starting but i can say that is it starting good so far. Although I still have some problem, but lets face it problem and challenges are always a part of every peoples life.
Its another year that i have to be thankful to god. Another year for me. I just hope that this year be the year where i can really find the only one i felt i been missing in my life. Right now i can say that i have found it but I'm not 100% sure yet. Lets say i am on a right pace now.
I been in a huge decision making lately. Its really kinda tough for me. Because no matter which one i choice i will definitely going to break one's heart. And i also worry that in the end its my heart who will be the one to get hurt. But In love and life we always need to take a risk. And we got to play this game called love. So far the one i have chosen is making me happy. His the reason why there's always smile on my face. And put the sparkle in my eyes. Although i do felt bad that i break one's heart i know i need to do it for both of us. So that we can all move on with our life.

Well i got to go now i got to meet my boss. See yah all again tomorrow !!!

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