Thursday, May 6

Changing My Life in A Moment

Hello fellow blogger its been a long time that i haven't post in my blog. Honest its because i don't feel like posting for the past months. I guess its because of all of the life changing moment that had happened to me recently. First was my decision to broke up with my long time fiance then start going out with one of my co worker. Who become my boyfriend for the pass months. And now that i three months and two weeks pregnant with his child. I can surely say i am happy with what every had happened to me. I am now living in a new house with my boyfriend. So far he seems to be the sweet and nice guy i had. We're still on the adjusting stage but we both enjoying everything we seems to discover each day that we have together.
Being pregnant on my first baby is kinda hard for me. Everything are so new to me, the morning sickness were not that bad but when i have one it really do made me tired. I always get sleepy and hungry. I didn't usually have weird craving but when i do its really not that weird. But my smell buds are always strong specially on food. Plus i been gaining weight everyday which makes me feel heavier before. But even if i have this changes i am happy and excited that i will going to see my baby soon. I didn't know if my baby will be a boy or girl but i don't mind if his a boy or she will be a girl all i want is for him/her to be healthy and grow up as a good citizen.

With all of this changes i am trying my best to be a better human being. I want to be a good mother and a good husband to my new family. I know with the help of God, my mom, my sister, and also the love of my boyfriend and my cute nephew and all of the friends and people that is surrounding me with love and help i know i will be okay.

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